Eiji Bando, who is reported to have closed his private office, “suddenly appeared in the studio…” Dangerous signs a few years ago and his persistence to return to TV | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Eiji Bando, who is reported to have closed his private office, “suddenly appeared in the studio…” Dangerous signs a few years ago and his persistence to return to TV

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Will we ever see the powerful Eiji Bando again… (Courtesy of Kodansha Resource Center)

Eiji Bando’s (83) personal office has been closed.

According to “NEWS POST SEVEN,” which reported the first report, Bando’s official website can be seen, but the registration of his personal office “E,” which is clearly stated there, was closed as of December 27, 2009.

The trigger for the news was the fact that Bando’s alma mater, Tokushima Commercial High School, made its 24th appearance in the Koshien (the National High School Baseball Championship) after a 12-year absence. Incidentally, his record of 83 strikeouts in the tournament, set in 1958, is still unbroken. I was curious as to why he had not commented on his alma mater’s accomplishment.

After graduating from high school, Bando joined the Chunichi Dragons and retired in 1969 after winning a total of 77 professional games in 11 years of active baseball.

He became popular not only as a commentator, which is a common practice for retired professional baseball players, but also as a commentator and TV personality with his dry remarks in the Kansai dialect. He also appeared in “Magical Brain Power! (NTV) and “Sekai Fushigi Hakken! (TBS), as well as appearing regularly in quiz-based variety shows and on local wide shows, Bando’s popularity remained unshakable.

However, in 2012, a tax investigation by the Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau revealed that Bando’s private office, Office May Work, had failed to declare approximately 75 million yen over a seven-year period. At a press conference, Bando said,

“I thought my wig would be deducted as an expense.

However, the Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau has since amended the tax return and paid the additional tax due.

However, the Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau pointed out the possibility that Bando had continued to conceal his income under his own direction, and some news outlets reported that it was “malicious concealment of income, including fictitious orders. The damage done was so severe that he had to drop out of a program in which he had appeared regularly.

After a one-year hiatus, he returned to work on Internet and radio programs, and in ’14, his affiliation with Yoshimoto Kogyo became the talk of the town. Thereafter, he gradually returned to TV programs, and although he did not appear regularly, Bando’s face was seen more and more often in guest appearances.

In 2004, he launched his own YouTube show and began his activities as a YouTuber, but the number of subscribers did not grow, and he has stopped posting videos. In 2006, after his contract with Yoshimoto Kogyo was terminated, he mainly worked on a radio show in Osaka,

It was July ’20. In July 2008, he fell down near his home in Osaka, hit his head hard, and was hospitalized in an emergency, the show’s producer revealed. He never returned to the show, and in September of the same year, all of his radio programs were terminated, and all of his regular programs ended. There was no word of his recovery, and even at that time, it was reported that he had “effectively retired from show business.

A director of a TV station in Nagoya told us about Bando’s strange behavior a few years ago.

One day, he suddenly appeared at the studio of an early morning program that Bando had appeared on in the past. It was years after he had dropped out of the program due to the tax evasion scandal. People watching on TV must have wondered what had happened. The reason is that all of the performers were looking in a certain direction with surprised expressions on their faces. The story goes that Mr. Bando was standing right in front of the performers’ eyes, in other words, at the back of the studio where the cameraman was, smiling.

Some people thought he was a surprise guest, but he just walked in on his own. As is the case nowadays, security is so tight that no one is allowed to enter the station without an appointment with the person concerned. The security guards knew his face, so they let him in, and he was severely scolded later. Afterwards, word spread among the Nagoya TV stations that ‘Bando-san is in trouble’ because they didn’t understand his intentions for coming to the station.

It is not known whether Bando was simply rushing to pay a visit to his old station, or whether he was planning to return to the station as a regular, but the fact that he was given a regular appearance on the program in the first place was a tour de force.

The program was broadcast from a glass-walled studio on the first floor of the station at the time. One day, Bando-san was waving to the studio from outside. Everyone was surprised because Bando-san is very popular in Nagoya. Since it was a live broadcast, he invited Mr. Bando into the studio, saying, ‘Please come this way, Mr. Bando.

The episode shows the extent of his persistence in appearing on TV, but it has been three years since he disappeared from the public stage. We sent a question to the official website, but received no reply. We hope that Bando, now 83 years old, will use his persistence to appear on TV again.

Eiji Bando and Chiaki Matsubara, hosts of “Quiz Norimono Koza” (Fuji Television Network) broadcast in 1984.

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