Did you have to announce it?” The cold stare directed at Takuya Nakazawa, a popular enka singer who married after a trial for nonperformance of engagement. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Did you have to announce it?” The cold stare directed at Takuya Nakazawa, a popular enka singer who married after a trial for nonperformance of engagement.

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Nakazawa announced his marriage to senior enka singer Ai Nishida. Unfortunately, many in the enka world are critical of his “announcement” of his marriage

On July 27, popular enka singer Takuya Nakazawa, who won the Japan Record Award for Best Newcomer in ’17, announced his marriage to senior enka singer Ai Nishida.

The two uploaded a handwritten document jointly signed by the two on SNS. Nakazawa wrote, <Two years ago, I caused a lot of trouble and worry to the people concerned, fans, and staff who had taken care of me until then due to my private matters. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize. We are very sorry. >He apologized and thanked Nishida, saying, “She also believed in me and supported me. Nishida wrote, “As we support each other and deepen our understanding, I feel the greatest joy and happiness in the colorful and peaceful days that I can feel only with him. We are still in our infancy, but we would be happy if you could continue to watch over us with a warm heart.

However, there were almost no congratulatory comments on their marriage on social networking services from fellow enka singers and others. A person involved in the enka world, who saw the news of the marriage, dismissed it as follows.

I have no intention to interfere in their marriage. But why did they have to make the announcement themselves, and why can’t they think about the feelings of those who would feel bad about what happened two years ago being rehashed again? ……

The “two years ago” that Nakazawa and this enka world insider are referring to is not the same as Nishida’s trial with his former girlfriend, A-san.

Nakazawa, who won the Japan Record Award for Best Newcomer in ’17, met Ms. A around the following year, ’18, and had a long-distance relationship.’ In April 2007, it was discovered that Ms. A was pregnant, but Nakazawa, who had just made her debut, was concerned about her financial ability to support the child and asked Ms. A to have an abortion, to which Ms. A agreed (the procedure was eventually switched to a miscarriage because it was discovered on the day the abortion was scheduled to take place).

Thereafter, the two began dating on the premise of marriage, and the president of Nakazawa’s agency consulted a fortune teller about auspicious dates for the two of them to live together and enter the registry, and even exchanged specific candidate dates It is not surprising that Ms. A thought that she and Nakazawa were engaged.

However, during this dating period, Nakazawa also developed a male-female relationship with Ai Nishida, a senior enka singer.’ In June 2009, Ms. A discovered that Nakazawa and Nishida had a male-female relationship when she looked at Nakazawa’s cell phone. About a month later, in July, Ms. A filed a lawsuit and the trial began.

In the trial, which lasted about 10 months, the plaintiff, a woman named Ms. A, claimed that she had been engaged to Nakazawa, but that the engagement was eventually broken, and that she suffered emotional distress due to the fact that Nakazawa had played with her after learning of her relationships with several women, including Nishida, in addition to Ms. A. She demanded payment of 8 million yen. Nakazawa, on the other hand, consistently insisted that he had never been engaged (to Ms. A).

As a result, a settlement was reached on June 10, 2008, with Nakazawa, the defendant, paying 2 million yen to Ms. A, the plaintiff. The market rate for compensation for a broken engagement is said to range from 500,000 yen to 3 million yen, and the fact that “the court ordered (Nakazawa) to pay 2 million yen” seems to indicate that the court generally accepted the plaintiff, Ms. A’s claim.

Nakazawa talking with staff after running in the “2-hour Endurance Race” at Fuji Speedway on July 23 (image: excerpt from YouTube Takuya Nakazawa Official Channel).

A person involved in the enka world mentioned above continued, “In other words, he was engaged to Ms. A.

Even if the trial itself had been settled, it would be hard to be happy for Mr. A and his family.

At the very least, if he wants to resume his activities after causing a female scandal, it would make sense for him to first apologize to the other party and obtain their forgiveness before starting. But as far as I can tell from the news reports, Nakazawa has not apologized to Ms. A, has he?

Furthermore, in order to regain the trust of the fans who still support him and the people involved, he would have to continue his singing career with the feeling of starting over from scratch once again. In that case, like many singers who continue to hold regional concerts on a limited budget in anticipation of a decrease in income, it is normal for them to sing karaoke. But in Nakazawa’s case, he still sings with a band. In addition to being a singer, Nakazawa has also taken up car racing, promoting himself as a “singer-song driver” and a two-fisted performer. It takes a certain amount of money to participate in racing, but where does the money come from? ……

Nakazawa has not taken any action to contact Ms. A to apologize and ask for her forgiveness after the settlement last June. On the contrary, he has been holding concert tours throughout Japan without a “cooling off period” during and after the trial. He says that he has supporters who are willing to help him work in an environment similar to the one he was in before the trial, without deep reflection on the trial in which his claims were not well accepted. A source in the entertainment industry with knowledge of the situation reveals, “Actually, Nakazawa was not able to work in the same environment as before the trial on May 7.

Nakazawa is actually appearing in a commercial for a semiconductor company from May 7 to September. The company has 21 offices, mainly in the Kanto region, from Tohoku to Kyushu, and seven overseas offices as well. The company may be making an “up-front investment” in Nakazawa, who is trying to revive his career, but it makes one shake one’s head.

One of the two was a student under the age of 18 at the time, and she allegedly requested indecent “self-portrait” images of herself. One of the two was a student under the age of 18 at the time, and it was alleged that he had demanded obscene “self-portrait” images. If true, this could have violated the “Child Pornography Law. To entrust the company’s image enhancement to such a person is complicated when you consider the feelings of the employees working for that company.

Nakazawa was a talented singer and had a strong desire for self-expression, both of which are necessary to survive in this world, but his nose was broken by the trial he completed last June. I think Nakazawa had the ability to rise to the occasion once again, and the trial should have been a good opportunity for him to reevaluate himself.

Everyone experiences failures, big or small. The adults around her are watching to see how she acts to regain their trust immediately afterwards. Nakazawa was expected to make a comeback because of his singing ability, but at this point, it seems he is not blessed with the right adults around him.

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