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Kiyoshi Matsuo complains about TV Asahi’s “M-Station,” and its Unusual Relationship with Johnny’s

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“Music Station” has been hosted by Tamori since 1986. Many Japanese talents appear on the program, but… (from the program’s website)

I was honestly surprised. Is this the reality of the media in this country? I don’t want to believe it.  #Johnny’s Sexual Assault Issue

Mr. Matsuo, a music producer whose management contract with “Smile Company,” said to have close ties with Johnny’s, was terminated in July due to his own comments and others, complained on X (formerly Twitter) about “Music Station” (TV Asahi, hereafter M-Station).

The August 4 broadcast of M-Station was titled “Summer 3.5 Hour Special,” and featured a stellar lineup of performers including Southern All Stars, Hiromi Go, Shizuka Kudo, Sambo Master, Green Yellow Society, and the female idol group Hinatazaka 46. Matsuo also pointed out that the hashtag says it all: groups affiliated with Johnny’s office.

The three groups performing that day were King & Prince, Kis-My-Ft2, and Kanjani Eight.

Ironically, on the 4th, the day the program was broadcast, the UN Human Rights Council’s Working Group on Business and Human Rights held a meeting. It was revealed that the group had also investigated the issue of sexual assault by Johnny’s and met with representatives of the Johnny’s office.

At the press conference, Pichamon Yeophantong, a member of the working group, said

“The interviews with the victims revealed deeply disturbing allegations that hundreds of celebrities are involved in sexual exploitation and abuse,” said Pichamon Yeohfantong, a member of the working group.

He clearly referred to the issue of sexual assault at the Johnny’s office, saying, “We are very concerned about the sexual exploitation and abuse of the talents.” He also discussed the office’s consultation services,

“There have been reports of inadequate response to victims who wish to seek advice.”

Matsuo also stated that the M-Station broadcast was over.

Matsuo also wrote on X (formerly Twitter) at around 9:30, at the end of the MSTE broadcast

“To all music industry people, now is the time to speak up on social networking sites! Now is the time to raise your voice on SNS. For the future of this country and the future of the music industry in this country. To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The greatest tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty of the wicked, but the silence of the good. “#Johnny’s Sexual Assault Issue

He called out to all concerned.

“M-STE” is a long-established music program that has been running since 1986. The Johnny’s quota is not a new thing; it is said to have existed since the second year of broadcasting. At the time, Hikaru Genji singing on roller skates was at the height of his popularity, and it is fair to say that “M STE” has been able to maintain its popularity to this point by securing a Johnny’s slot every week.

Johnny’s have appeared on the program almost every time so far, but once in 1997, when the popular dance group “DA PUMP” appeared on the program, the scheduled appearance of “KinKi Kids” was suddenly canceled. Since then, DA PUMP and any other male group with an idol-like atmosphere in Japan have stopped appearing on the program, and MSTE is still afraid of having offended Johnny’s, and is still making disciplinary actions.

(A reporter for a women’s magazine) Although there were male bands and female groups on M-STE on the 4th, as expected, no male idol groups from other companies appeared on the program. Fans on the Internet are angry that popular groups such as JO1, BE:FIRST, and Da-iCE have not been able to perform even once. No matter if they perform in Kohaku or win a record award, the “barrier of Johnny’s” is even higher than that at MSTE.

The fact that MSTE singles out the Johnny’s office, which has a sexual assault problem, to the exclusion of all others, is extremely problematic. The station has been providing a large amount of money to Johnny’s for many years, so it must be a part of the Johnny’s group itself.

Matsuo’s call has been supported one after another by his peers, and he has been retweeting and spreading the word. Will his voice reach the MSTE?

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