Self-proclaimed temporary staffer who “didn’t intend to kill” a woman he knew by chopping her to bits with a kitchen knife. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Self-proclaimed temporary staffer who “didn’t intend to kill” a woman he knew by chopping her to bits with a kitchen knife.

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After more than half a day on the run, he was arrested.


In the early morning of August 2, a woman’s cries echoed through the parking lot of a yakiniku restaurant on a national highway in Chiba City.

Upon receiving the call, police officers rushed to the scene to find a 37-year-old woman from Tokyo lying on the floor, bleeding. The woman had numerous wounds on her arms, chest, and back. She was rushed to the hospital, but fortunately she was conscious and not in critical condition.

The police investigated the whereabouts of the fleeing perpetrator on suspicion of attempted murder after the woman testified that she had been slashed with a kitchen knife by a man she knew. The description of the perpetrator was released and neighborhood residents were alerted to his whereabouts. There were also reports of blood stains at the entrance of an apartment building near the crime scene, and on the morning of the 2nd, investigators were seen raiding an apartment building about 100 meters from the crime scene that was believed to be the perpetrator’s home,” said a reporter from the Social Affairs Department.

The police, relying on images from security cameras and other sources, tracked down the man, and at around 6:30 p.m. on the 2nd, arrested Zhu Yu, 33, a Chinese national and self-described temporary worker, who was on a street near JR Motoyawata Station in Ichikawa City, about 13 km from the scene.

The suspect Zhu denied some of the charges, saying, “I didn’t intend to kill her. The Chiba Nishi Police Department is investigating the case, believing that there was some kind of trouble between the suspect and the female victim.

It is still unclear what kind of relationship the two had and what happened between them.

The arrest of the suspect must have relieved the neighbors of their worries for the time being.

He slashed at the victim several times with a kitchen knife (some images have been doctored)
What happened between him and the female victim: …… (some images have been doctored)
  • PHOTO. Shinji Hasuo

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