Fans rejoice at Suzu Hirose’s “bold black high-necked outfit”…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Suzu Hirose’s “bold black high-necked outfit”…!

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Suzu Hirose at a cosmetics manufacturer’s event

Actress Suzu Hirose’s “too cute black high-neck outfit” is the talk of the town as she appeared at Fujifilm’s “instax “cheki” new product launch event” held in Tokyo on November 17. She was wearing a loose black dress.

Hirose wore a loose black high neck outfit. She also wore a long black skirt, giving her a very mature and wintery look.

At the event, the “instax mini Evo” from the “instax” series of instant cameras (also known as “cheki”) was announced. A picture taken by Hirose from her balcony on her day off was also shown. Hirose was always in a good mood and took a picture of the “Christmas Market” prepared at the venue with her Polaroid. She swayed her body adorably to the music, struck funny poses… it was an event full of “Hirose-ness” that fans couldn’t resist. Hirose also commented, “I’m just enjoying myself (laughs).

During the Q&A session at the event, she was asked what kind of Christmas she wanted to have this year, to which she answered, “I want to eat chicken. Although he has been very busy, it seems that he really wants to spend Christmas in a relaxed manner.

When asked to look back on 2021, she replied, “I would like to think about the play and myself.

When asked to reflect on 2021, she replied, “It was a year in which I was able to face the play and myself. I had time to reflect on myself and what I was lacking. It was a year where I realized what I should do from now on and what I want to do.

Hirose recently became a topic of conversation when the documentary program “Jounetsu Tairiku” (MBS) featuring her was aired for two consecutive weeks. It is said that this is the second time since the program started to feature one person for two consecutive weeks, and it has been 14 years since “Oguri Shun” was aired in November 2007.

Hirose is always at the center of public conversation these days. It can be said that she has successfully established herself as a national actress. She is on the verge of a meteoric rise, but what will she show us next year? I can’t take my eyes off her more and more. ……!

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