Going to the love hotel district to study…Akane Oda, returning to acting after 14 years, “Lost in the pressure of the second Gokumi,” struggling photo. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Going to the love hotel district to study…Akane Oda, returning to acting after 14 years, “Lost in the pressure of the second Gokumi,” struggling photo.

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She also works as a yoga instructor (c) Sankei Shimbun Inc.

Akane Oda (44) has been in the news for her return to acting after a 14-year absence in the drama “Seasonless Town” (Disney Plus), which will begin distribution on August 9.

Based on the novel of the same title by Shugoro Yamamoto, which was also the basis for Akira Kurosawa’s “Doika Den,” the film is a coming-of-age ensemble drama planned, written, and directed by Kankuro Kudo, and re-imagined as a contemporary story. Oda plays a mother who lives with her daughter in temporary housing, but leaves her daughter behind when she remarries a rich man. Oda commented on her role in the film as follows.

It took me a while to understand the state of mind of Kanae, but it was also a time when I was able to reconfirm the joy of acting. I would like to use this opportunity to actively engage in acting. Actress Akane Oda will continue to grow and develop, betraying everyone’s expectations in a positive way. Please look forward to it.

Oda married a pilot for a major airline in 2008 and gave birth to her first son in 2010.

In 1990, when she was in the sixth grade, she won the grand prix in the All Japan National Beauty Contest and made a spectacular debut as the “second Gokumi. The following year, she made her TV drama debut in the historical drama “Taiheiki. In 1993, she played her first starring role in a serial drama in “Ichigo Hakusho”.

The other actor in the drama was Masahiro Matsuoka of “Tokio,” and the kiss scene with him was Oda’s first kiss. She was active not only in dramas and movies, but also in radio, variety shows, and music.

Oda seemed to be on the fast track to becoming a star, but at the same time, she was struggling with her own immaturity. In a recent interview, she said that at the time, she was unable to give a good speech at variety shows, and that she was worried that her acting was “not up to par. It seems that being called “the second Gokumi” also put pressure on him.

Oda-san took a break from performing for about a year starting in the fall of 1997. It was said that this was because she was so involved with a man she was dating at the time that she was unable to work.

Oda and Samurakouchi, who was a married man at the time, were reportedly having an affair. The two met when Mr. Samurakouchi was in charge of music for the movie “Autumn Cherry Blossoms,” in which Oda starred, released in 1997.

Oda’s “straying” did not stop there.

In 2001, “FRIDAY” reported Oda’s relationship with Mr. Moritoshi Katsumi, a psychic fortune teller. Oda was living together in the apartment of Mr. Katsumi, who was 28 years older than her own father. It was also reported that she had asked her agency to ‘retire because I want to get married. Oda did not listen to the vehement opposition of those around her, and even rented out a bar and held a “wedding party.

In 2002, Oda starred in the drama “Pure Love,” which was so successful that a sequel was produced. Oda says that this work gave her the opportunity to finally gain confidence in her own acting. It is unclear whether this had anything to do with her breakup with Katsumi, but it is said that she and Katsumi broke up in 2003.

After giving birth to her first son in ’10, Oda devoted herself to housework and childcare, and even moved to Hokkaido, her husband’s birthplace, for a time. However, she revealed that she had divorced in ’18 due to ‘differences in values,’ along with the fact that she left her agency in ’20.

For a while after the divorce, she was feeling down, but as she devoted herself to yoga, which had been recommended to her by an acquaintance, she began to feel that she wanted to become an actress once again.

Oda declared that she would grow even more from here. She has gone through many twists and turns, and now that she is in her 40s, she is sure to continue to betray our expectations in a positive way.

I was 14 years old. A special photo taken for this magazine in January 1993, in the guise of a visit to a hotel district in Shibuya to study social studies.
She is wearing a bodycon for a role in a TV drama. She has great legs, but she is only 15 years old (April ’94).
Her 17th birthday. She said her goal was to have a boyfriend (November ’95).
When she was dating Katsumi, the two were often seen holding hands as they went shopping at a nearby apartment (June ’01).
Katsumi and Oda coming out of a “wedding party” held at a bar in Tokyo (July ’01).
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