He drew strange illustrations with distorted outlines… Putin, allegedly emotionally unstable, “engulfs the world in nuclear flames” shivering scenario. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

He drew strange illustrations with distorted outlines… Putin, allegedly emotionally unstable, “engulfs the world in nuclear flames” shivering scenario.

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President Vladimir Putin draws a strange illustration with distorted outlines at a technology exhibition in June (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)

Russia is again suggesting the use of nuclear weapons.

On July 30, former President Dmitry Medvedev referred to the Ukrainian counteroffensive, posting the following on the social networking site Telegram.

What would happen if part of Russia’s territory were taken? We will have no choice but to use nuclear weapons in accordance with the presidential decree. There is no other solution. Our enemies should pray to us that the world will not be engulfed in nuclear flames.

Medvedev’s post is not an unrealistic warning. There are allegations that Vladimir Putin, who has the sole authority to push the “nuclear button,” is in a state of extreme emotional instability.

The Terrifying Meaning of “Unusually Large Ears

The allegations began at a technology exhibition held in Moscow on June 29 this year. When asked for his autograph by executives from participating companies, President Putin drew a strange illustration on a touchscreen (see photo above). Itsuro Nakamura, a professor emeritus at Tsukuba University and an expert on Russian affairs, said, “He drew a picture that looked like a human face.

He drew what looked like a human face, but the contours were distorted like waves. This strange illustration caused controversy among Russian psychologists. I think he is unsure of what he is trying to do and who he is (identity). …… I also notice that my ears are unusually large. It could be an expression of the desire to know, since they are not being told accurate information by the people around them. ‘”

The illustrations he drew himself are not the only reason to be concerned about Putin’s mental state: In a meeting with the deputy mayor of the western city of Nizhny Novgorod on July 19, he exchanged a series of unnatural words with a blank expression on his face. Videos posted by bloggers on social networking sites and other media show the meeting as follows

Deputy Mayor: “The future of our country is about to be decided.

President Putin〈Wonderful , wonderful ……〉

The conversation continued to be contentious.

President Putin 〈How old are your children?

Deputy Mayor: The oldest is 23, the youngest is 9.

President Putin: Your child is 3 years old. ……

Mr. Nakamura continues.

There is no doubt that President Putin’s emotions are becoming more and more unstable due to the ongoing difficulties, including the chaotic situation in Ukraine and the ‘Prigogine Rebellion. I am reminded of the words of French President Macron, who met with President Putin just before the invasion of Ukraine. President Macron commented, ‘President Putin’s character has changed. President Putin’s character has changed. He has become stubborn and bizarrely obsessed with the past.

Putin may no longer be able to make sound judgments. It would be very dangerous to give him the exclusive authority to push the nuclear button. If the struggle in Ukraine continues, there is a good chance that he will go berserk and launch a nuclear attack. It is a crisis for mankind.

The world will be engulfed in nuclear flames. Such a tragedy is becoming a reality.

  • PHOTO. Reuters/Afro

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