Kyoto University,” “Hitotsubashi University is a possibility,” and so on… “Universities with high deviation values” are the target of His Imperial Highness Princess Eugene’s “curious destinations for higher education. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kyoto University,” “Hitotsubashi University is a possibility,” and so on… “Universities with high deviation values” are the target of His Imperial Highness Princess Eugene’s “curious destinations for higher education.

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Prince Hisahito of Akishino and Prince Akishino visiting the “National High School Cultural Festival” on July 30.

The Akishino family has been in a difficult situation for a long time since reports of trouble concerning the marriage of Mako and Kei Komuro. Recently, the ‘separation issue’ of Kako not living with her parents and Prince Hisahito of Akishino at the Prince Akishino residence, which has been renovated, has come to the public’s attention.

The Imperial Household Agency has explained that the original renovation plans were changed to save money and that this was the result of the cancellation of making room for Mako and Kako, but in fact, it is whispered that the cause is the deterioration of the relationship between Prince Akishino and Princess Kako.

The relationship between Mako and her supporters, Kako and Prince Akishino, has deteriorated while the issue of Mako’s marriage was being shaken up, and this relationship has not improved. It is true that there are concerns among those concerned that such a situation may have some impact on His Highness Prince Eugene, the future Emperor of Japan.

Some media reports have discussed the “lack of expression” on the part of His Highness Prince Eugene during official duties.

There have been no reports that he has complained of any particular physical ailment. Since Princess Noriko was infected with the new strain of corona and had to cancel her official duties, she and Princess Akishino attended the high school cultural festival in Kagoshima. While carrying out his official duties, he is expected to push forward with his preparations for entering university, which is due to begin in about 18 months.

His High School performance has been discussed many times in the past, but now that it is summer of his second year at Tsukuba University High School, we wonder how his performance is going.

I have heard that his grades have been sluggish. In the past, the word “University of Tokyo” was used to describe him, and after that, there were many rumors such as, “It might be Kyoto University,” or “It is not realistic to leave Tokyo, so Kyoto University is not possible, but Hitotsubashi University is. On the other hand, there were also observations that he would probably settle for a private university such as Waseda-Keio-Sophia with a recommendation. What I have heard here is something like ‘criteria for selecting universities.

What do you mean?

It’s called ‘universities with high deviation values. Therefore, the universities I have just enumerated are considered to fall under this category. Perhaps there could be some overseas universities as well…. However, it has long been pointed out that “the fact that the future Emperor’s choice of university is still undecided is itself a matter of considerable concern. Moreover, according to the person who told us about the criteria, “Normally, it would be best if he would make time to pursue what he wants to do in the future, regardless of the university he chooses or the school he goes to. I heard that you are choosing a university based on its deviation value, which is somewhat unfortunate considering your position, and I am sure that there are a certain number of people who feel that way.

It is likely that the focus of attention will soon turn to where he will go on to higher education.

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