Hiroyuki Miyasako, the man Hikaru relies on, next turns to a famous Ginza club mama. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki Miyasako, the man Hikaru relies on, next turns to a famous Ginza club mama.

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Miyasako, whose number of subscribers has also hit a ceiling due to the unpopularity of YouTube. Is gourmet food collaboration the only thing left to do?

Hiroyuki Miyasako (53), whose number of subscribers as a YouTube star has been stagnant, has been causing concern among people around him for his pretentious collaborations.

Miyasako plans to open an omelet rice specialty restaurant “Omusako Rice” with Nanae Mama, owner of Club Nanae in Ginza, in October at a prime location on Spainzaka in Shibuya.

The two have been working hard to promote their collaboration by releasing a video, but unfortunately, it has not been very successful. Miyasako’s influence as a YouTube star has declined.

Near the Omusako Rice restaurant is Gyugujou, a yakiniku restaurant owned by Miyasako. Gyugujou was the focus of daily Internet news coverage of the slapstick events leading up to its opening, including the withdrawal of co-owner Hikaru (32), a You Tuber who was furious at the low quality of the meat.

In the end, thanks to Hikaru, Gyugujou became the most famous yakiniku restaurant in Japan. Hikaru also took advantage of Miyasako’s fame, so it was a win-win relationship, but it seems that he and Miyasako have been growing apart recently.

Miyasako’s management contract was terminated by Yoshimoto in 2007 due to the “black market” scandal, and he became a YouTube star. He has increased his number of subscribers by collaborating with Hikaru and other YouTubers. In addition, in order to create content that is as good as that on terrestrial television, he launched the talk variety special “Win Win Wiiin” with Atsuhiko Nakata of “Oriental Radio” and Keiichi Yamamoto of “Gokuraku Tombo,” showing his presence as a YouTuber.

However, Miyasako’s channel subscriber count is sluggish at 1.31 million (as of July 29); even Hikaru, who boasts an overwhelming 4.86 million subscribers (as of the same date), has reportedly been struggling recently.

YouTubers are all about numbers. The number of subscribers is the criterion for deciding whether or not to collaborate. The recent slump in Miyasako’s channel is remarkable, and I don’t really want to collaborate with him. Hikaru also seems to feel the limitations of You Tube and has publicly stated his intention to expand into TV, and he is deepening his relationship with Kazisak, who has also collaborated with many Yoshimoto comedians.

Although Hiroshi Osaki has stepped down as chairman, Yoshimoto’s allergy to Miyasako remains unchanged. Although they have not banned him from collaborating with Miyasako, it seems that a discovery is in effect.

With his influence as a YouTube star gone, Miyasako’s last line of defense was a gourmet food collaboration, and Nanae Mama’s offer was a godsend. However,

Gyugujou’s initial investment in Gyugujou, along with the declining earnings and expenses of YouTube, has left him with little room for income. In addition to this, Mr. Miyasako’s tendency to take random chances in business continues, and if someone is willing to invest in him through an introduction from an acquaintance, he will accept the offer without doing a proper background check on them.

I hear that they are also neglecting the most important matters, such as the anti-company checks that have become a problem in the black market, which naturally require the utmost care and attention. When people ask, “Are you all right? they say, “We have to do it right,” but they are not doing anything. This time it just happened to be Nanae’s mom, so she is fine, but I wonder what will happen in the future…” (A related person)

The other day, Junji Urita appeared on You Tube and reflected on the black market racket,

I never dreamed that it would be an anti-sha party,” he recalled.

I never dreamed that it would be an anti-company party,” Miyasako said in retrospect. He must have seen the pain of the black market, but it seems that his laxity has not changed.

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