Haruka Dan’s 1st photo book is a big hit! Confident of her “100-point performance” in front of the media! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Haruka Dan’s 1st photo book is a big hit! Confident of her “100-point performance” in front of the media!

Former "ZIP!" reporter Haruka Dan talked about the highlights of her long-awaited first photo book! Here is a report from the press conference with exclusive FRIDAY Digital photos.

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Haruka Dan (30), active as an actress and model, released her 1st photo book “Haruka Dan Photo Book DAN” from Kodansha. On July 29, a press conference was held in Shibuya, Tokyo, to commemorate the release of the book, where Dan appeared before the media.

Haruka Dan (30) at the press conference commemorating the release of her own photo book.

Dan, who says she usually enjoys looking at photo books of various people, said, “If I were to publish a photo book someday, I had an image in my mind that I would look sexy if I wore such an outfit. I had this image in my mind that if I were to publish a photo book someday, I would probably look sexy in such an outfit. When she began work on this project, she was very vocal in meetings with the staff. She revealed that she searched for images of the outfits she wanted to wear and shared them with the staff.

A shot from the photo book. She wore a tank top that she herself had requested, saying, “This is the kind of outfit I want to wear. She expressed her delight that she was able to get a sexy shot.

This is her favorite shot in the book.

The cut featured in the photo book. Haruka Dan chose this one as her favorite cut.

She said, “I wasn’t planning to wear this outfit in the beginning. But I usually like overalls, so I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be stylish if I wore it like this? I decided on the spot that it would be fashionable if I wore overalls like this. I was happy because they turned out very fashionable. The braided hair arrangement was also fresh since I don’t usually do that,” she said with a smile.

Haruka Dan is also well known as a former reporter for “ZIP!

Dan worked as a reporter for Nippon Television’s information program “ZIP! She said of HMV&BOOKS SHIBUYA, where this press conference was held, “I came here once when I was a reporter for a story. I never thought I would be able to stand here. When I graduated as a reporter, I thought, ‘From now on, I want to be on the receiving end of interviews,’ so I am very happy to be releasing this photo book.

At the release event, she mingled with fans in a fresh white one-piece dress.

When asked if she could give a score to the quality of the book, she replied, “A hundred. I would give it a score of 100! She immediately answered, “100 points! At the launch event held at the same venue after the press conference, she interacted with about 100 fans who came to the event with smiles on their faces.

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