Mrs. Davy, who defended Mr. Janney, has a history of “incidents with jani-otaku. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mrs. Davy, who defended Mr. Janney, has a history of “incidents with jani-otaku.

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It seems that the entertainment world’s go-to person can’t keep quiet about the issue of Johnny’s sex-abuse. ……

Mrs. Davy (83) has been under fire for her comments defending Mr. Kitagawa and his office on the issue of sexual assault by Johnny’s. “Until now, the accusation of sexual assault by Mr. Johnny has been a major source of controversy among his devoted fans, who are called ‘jani-otaku,'” she said.

On July 28, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) announced that the former Johnny’s Jr. Even after the United Nations Human Rights Council held a hearing on July 28 to hear the accusations of sexual assault, some fans still insist that the accusations of sexual assault are a “false story.

Such jani-wotaku, however, do not seem to welcome Mrs. Devi’s defense of the office.

In fact, Mrs. Davi has a history of being treated as a nuisance by Johnny’s fans who love his stage performances. A person involved in the stage industry revealed.

In November 2012, “Johnny’s World” was performed at the Imperial Theatre. The day before the performance, however, the seat that a fan had won and secured was somehow canceled. Afterwards, the fan in question revealed on social media that “Mrs. Devi was sitting in the seat I was supposed to be sitting in,” and many fans were outraged, saying, “That’s impossible.

Tickets for Johnny’s stage performances are usually purchased by fan club members by lottery, and it is difficult to purchase additional tickets later. It has become a major concern for fans, with the name of the show trending on Twitter the day the lottery results are announced.

If this is true, it is possible that the Johnny’s office prioritized Mrs. Davy’s schedule over that of the fans. There is a room in the Nissay Theatre and the Imperial Theatre called “Mr. Janney’s Room,” where Mrs. Devi and other invited guests were served high-class sushi during the interval.

This is not the only problem. In May 2002, Mrs. Devi attended the “ABCza 2014 Legend of Johnny’s,” a performance of A.B.C-Z as the head of the troupe, held at the Nissay Theater. It was reported that the performance originally consisted of two acts, but to accommodate Mrs. Devi’s schedule, which allowed her to see only one act, the performance that day was presented as a special version that combined the first and second acts.

Not only the fans of “A.B.C-Z,” but also the fans of Johnny’s Jr. who performed with them came from all over Japan, paying for transportation and lodging. Some fans even take time off from school or work for that day.

While the “special version” may be valuable to fans who can see the same show multiple times, fans who can only see the show once are naturally left wondering “Why did I have to go through this because of Mrs. Devi?

Mrs. Devi is believed to have been “discovered” by the Johnny’s office.

Even so, Johnny’s seems to have continued to pay attention to Mrs. Devi. A person involved in the matter explains the reason for this.

The reason why Johnny’s treats Mrs. Devi politely is because she brings the wives of embassies when she performs. It may have been a discovery made by Mr. Kitagawa, who values his ties with foreign countries.

Mrs. Davy is now an indispensable figure in the entertainment industry as a go-between. She is also a popular figure on TV variety shows, as she is able to gain viewer ratings. However, Mrs. Devi’s comments on this occasion are very out of line with the public’s standards.

The industry is reportedly in an uproar over Mrs. Devi’s position, which is in favor of her agency.

TV stations and advertising agencies are taking a cautious look at the current fiasco, and there are growing concerns about whether it is safe to continue to use Mrs. Devi as she is,” said a staff member at a production company.

Mrs. Devi continues to be criticized both within and outside of the industry for her own outbursts. If she continues to do as she pleases, her status as a “go-between” will be in jeopardy.


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