He admitted his love for her! BLACKPINK” Jisoo, who was seen by this magazine, caused a commotion at Roppongi Donki “flamboyant shopping photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

He admitted his love for her! BLACKPINK” Jisoo, who was seen by this magazine, caused a commotion at Roppongi Donki “flamboyant shopping photo

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Ji Su leaving Donki at 10 p.m. on September 1, ’22.

On August 3, “BLACKPINK’s” Jisoo (28) admitted to a love report. Her partner is actor Ahn Bo Hyun (35). He is a star actor who gained popularity for his roles as the villain Jang Geun-won in the popular drama “Itaewon Class,” which was remade in Japan, and as Ku Eun in the ’21 drama series “Yumi’s Cell Tribe.

The other day, a major Korean media outlet, Dispatch, reported on their love affair, and since both of their agencies admitted to dating at the same time, it seems that their relationship has been generally received favorably in Korea.

The news of K-pop superstar Ji-su’s infatuation has been well-received in Japan as well, with the Internet saying, “The two of them look great together,

The two are a perfect match, and there’s no hint of any childishness, it’s like an adult relationship, which makes me want to support them. I want to support them. I wish them all the best!

Ahn Bo-hyun looks great, and Ji-su is really cute. They’re so cute together.

The site was filled with congratulatory comments such as, “You’re so cute and you look really cute together. It seems that Ji-su’s unpretentious personality is also attracting fans.

Last September, Jisoo came to Japan to attend a pop-up store event for the French luxury jewelry brand Cartier, which was opening in Omotesando (Shibuya Ward). Although she stayed in Japan for only one day, this magazine spotted her visiting her favorite “Donki” in between.

Fans were in an uproar as she descended on “Donki in Roppongi!

The internet was abuzz over Jisu’s sudden visit to Japan, with some people asking, “Did she only stay for one day? The Internet was filled with messages from fans who wanted to catch a glimpse of Jisoo, such as “Is she only staying in Roppongi for one day?

Jisoo’s love for Donki is well known among fans. When she came to Japan in the past, she and Jenny (27), a member of the group, were seen in the store wearing product headdresses and making fun of each other.

Fans’ predictions were right on target. Ji-su showed up at Don Quijote in Roppongi wearing a black beret, mini one-piece, and laced boots, along with four strong-looking bodyguards. However, many fans were waiting for her, and the storefront was in a state of confusion. After staying there for only about 30 minutes, Ji-su left the store in a hurry.

BLACKPINK is currently on its world tour “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK],” the largest world tour by a K-pop girl group, which is expected to draw about 1.5 million people, and the U.S. tour will start on the 11th. We are looking forward to seeing how Jisoo will report to her fans.

Jisoo always visits Donki when he comes to Japan. The items she purchased were carried by her bodyguards, and Jisoo left the store empty-handed.
Jisoo’s Instagram (from @sooyaaa__)
Jisoo’s Instagram (from @sooyaaa__)
Ahn Bo-hyun’s Instagram (from @bohyunahn)
Ahn Bo-hyun’s Instagram (from @bohyunahn)

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