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Cocomi’s “Too cute request to Shizuka Kudo” makes fans happy!

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Cocomi walking her dog with her dad.

Flutist and model Cocomi, the eldest daughter of national idols Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, has been making a splash with her “too cute and earnest request to her mother, Kudo” on her Instagram account.

Cocomi introduced the story posted by Kudo in the Stories feature of her Instagram. In Kudo’s story, Kudo introduced Japanese sweets, saying, “My manager sent me some. He showed a total of five pieces of sweets, including one in the shape of an apple and another one in three colors: white, peach and yellow. Incidentally, green tea is also in the picture.

Quoting her, Cocomi said, “Please leave some for me. (whispering)” she asked in her own story. The fans were delighted by the cute exchange between the father and daughter.

Cocomi and Kudo recently appeared together on TV and created quite a stir.

They performed together in the sound stage series “Nishi Honganji Oto Butai (Sound Stage at Nishi Honganji Temple),” which was broadcast on TBS nationwide at midnight on October 24. The Oto Butai series is “a music project based on the theme of ‘the encounter between the East and the West’ by setting up a ‘stage’ at a temple that is said to be one of the most famous temples in Japan” (according to the official website).

It started in 1989 at Kinkakuji Temple and has been held at Byodoin Temple and Todaiji Temple. This time, “Nishi Honganji Oto Butai” was recorded on September 4 without an audience. Many fans must have watched the broadcast with bated breath to see the miraculous performance of the Kimura family.

On another day, she and her younger sister, Koki, posted a family photo of the two of them when they were young on Instagram to coincide with their father Kimura’s birthday, much to the delight of their fans.

Koki posted a large number of dusty photos, including one of her holding Kimura’s arm tightly at the zoo, and Cocomi giving Kimura a kiss. It’s heartwarming to see the four members of the family getting along so well. He also uploaded a video of Kimura, who had just become a father, playing with Cocomi, who had just started to sit up, holding her arms. Many fans must have been soothed by Kimura’s happy, delirious face.

Cocomi and Koki’s presence is growing day by day, and I’m sure they have the support of their families behind them. I hope they will be a close family for a long time to come. ……!

  • Photo Keisuke Nishi

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