Go directly to him! The media is “on the trail” of Big Motor’s former vice president, “Conan-kun,” who has been hiding in the shadows. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Go directly to him! The media is “on the trail” of Big Motor’s former vice president, “Conan-kun,” who has been hiding in the shadows.

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President Hiroyuki Kaneshige (left) and Executive Director Izumi (right) at the apology press conference. Their eldest son, Vice President Koichi, was not present.

I strongly regret that I had lost my temper and used such strong words to take such a demotion, and that I should not have said it in such a manner at that time.

The press conference held on July 25 by Hiroyuki Kaneshige, former president of Big Motor, a major used car company. His eldest son, Koichi, who was vice president, was not present, but Tsukasa Jinnai, general manager of the Administration Division, said, “He (Koichi Kaneshige) is the one who is responsible for the company’s business.

Mr. Koichi Kaneshige, former vice president of Big Motor, expressed his deep regret for his actions.

He made the following comment: “I have received words of deep regret from him (former vice president Koichi Kaneshige).

Friday’s report on Koichi’s

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“Death penalty, death penalty, death penalty, death penalty, death penalty, death penalty.

The vice president and eldest son of the owner-president of the company is not known for such abusive language toward his employees. ……

On August 1, “news every.” (NTV) reported new testimony from a former manager. The former manager confessed that Koichi told him that he would “judge his suitability” if there were few reviews or low ratings on Google. Some managers were demoted the day they received this message or the day after.

He said that he had to write at least three word-of-mouth messages a day, so he wrote countless “self-initiated” posts.

One witness testified that the program often bought a used car from a customer and then, three or four months later, forced the customer to pay a reduced price or refund the money by accusing the customer of having a history of repairs. In one of the worst cases, he would force the customer to leave the car at the customer’s house and then come back and say, “I won’t buy it back,” which I thought was out of the ordinary. Some people said that Koichi’s absence from the press conference was the worst possible response and that he should explain and apologize to the staff.

Big Motor is wholly owned by a company called Big Asset, and Kaneshige and his son are still the actual owners. As we interviewed the company’s former president, we found that his eldest son, Koichi, may have been much more of a power harrasser than the former president, Hiroyuki.

Vice President Koichi is so brilliant that he went on to Waseda University and earned an MBA after joining the company. To his father, a high school graduate, he must have been a trustworthy son. But in fact, he was a “ruthless bonbon” who treated his employees as if they were not even human beings.

He is the one who is responsible for such reckless power harassment, yet he continues to hide in the shadows, not even appearing at press conferences. Not only TV stations, but also newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets are desperately searching for Koichi’s whereabouts in order to get a “direct hit” on him. It’s a game of who can get to him first.

Photos of Koichi golfing are circulating on the Internet, and since he appears to be a little taller than a golf driver, some people are asking, “Is he about 150 cm?

“Around 5’5”?


The photo of Koichi playing golf has been circulating, and comments such as, “He looks a little taller than a golf driver.

Will the day ever come when “Conan-kun” of Big Motor, who has been playing “politics of fear” with his employees, opens his mouth in front of the media? –I wonder….

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