Ennosuke Ichikawa, who has been re-arrested and is facing probation, will his “facial trick” explode in Teruyuki Kagawa’s appearance as a witness? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ennosuke Ichikawa, who has been re-arrested and is facing probation, will his “facial trick” explode in Teruyuki Kagawa’s appearance as a witness?

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Will Kagawa be able to “return the favor” in court?

On July 26, Shochiku announced that the funeral for Kabuki actor Ichikawa Danjo (real name: Hiroyuki Kinooshi) and his wife Nobuko Kinooshi, who died in May, was held at a family funeral in late May. The announcement was made because the 49-day memorial service and the delivery of the bones had been completed.

Mr. and Mrs. Danshiro were found dead in their Tokyo home on May 18, and their only son, kabuki actor Ichikawa Ennosuke (real name: Takahiko Kinoeshi), has been arrested on suspicion of assisting the couple in their suicide.

The SAWASABAYA clan, which was practically led by Ennosuke, is still in turmoil. Although the defendant Ennosuke has been reported to have sexually harassed his disciples and co-stars, his pupils still have great trust in him. From now on, Ichikawa Chuguruma (Kagawa Teruyuki, 57) and his son Danko (19) will lead the clan, but Kagawa, who threw himself into the Kabuki world at the age of 45, has little trust from his pupils. If things continue as they are, the chances of defendant Ennosuke returning to the stage are close to zero, and not a few of his young pupils are considering quitting the Kabuki theater and changing careers,” said a reporter in charge of theater.

On the 28th, Ennosuke was indicted on charges of assisting his parents in committing suicide. He will go on trial, but whether he will receive a suspended sentence or a prison term is a fine line.

The police had hoped to build a murder case against his bedridden father, but the defendant’s testimony alone was not enough to convict him. Since the two cases took place at the same place and time, they will be tried together.

The statutory penalty for assisted suicide is imprisonment or imprisonment without work for six months to seven years, and while there was a high possibility of a suspended sentence for one crime, there is a small possibility of a prison sentence for the two crimes. The judge’s decision on the sentence will depend on how the witnesses who appear in court will move the judge’s mind,” said a judicial reporter for a national newspaper.

Speaking of Ennosuke, it was reported that he had a “girlfriend” relationship with an actor in his mid-40s who used to be his manager and had once been in a relationship with a big-name female entertainer. The actor’s father also appeared at a Kabuki performance that was being held during the time of the incident and in which Sarunosuke was the director. However, when a person appears in court as a witness of passion, his face must be exposed to the reporters and media who are present in the courtroom.

The most suitable person to appear in court as a witness of the charges would be Nakaguruma, who is a cousin of Ennosuke and a member of the same clan. He and Danko were indebted to Ennosuke when they entered the Kabuki theater, and now there is no better opportunity to return the favor.

In August last year, Kagawa was reported in “Shukan Shincho” (Shinchosha) for sexually assaulting a club hostess in Ginza three years ago, and she dropped out of TV programs and commercials in which she had appeared. He is still reeling from the damage and has no choice but to focus on his work as a Kabuki actor as Nakaguruma.’ The TBS drama “Hanzawa Naoki,” which aired in ’13 and ’20 and sold Kagawa’s name in a big way. As a matter of course, he was not asked to play a role in the TBS drama “VIVANT,” which starred Masato Sakai (49), who also starred in “Hanzawa Naoki,” and other members of the splendid cast.

If he appeared in court as a witness for the mercy of the defendant Sarunosuke, it would be an opportunity for Kagawa to clear his name. His words and actions will be reported extensively by the media covering the trial. They will touch on how the defendant Ennosuke enlivened the clan, how he was adored by his pupils, and how he treated his cousin himself. Kagawa’s “facial expressions” in “Hanzawa Naoki” were the talk of the town, and if his emotions get the better of him in court, he may unintentionally make facial expressions similar to the ones he does in the movie.

Kagawa is likely to play a role in determining the future of Ennosuke as a Kabuki actor.

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