Why is Tackey acting so bold?”… a TV man confesses, “Finally, Johnny’s is being removed from terrestrial broadcasting!” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why is Tackey acting so bold?”… a TV man confesses, “Finally, Johnny’s is being removed from terrestrial broadcasting!”

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Blake Meguro Ren. Will he be the savior of Johnny’s?

There is a lot of talk at the station right now about how Tackey (Hideaki Takizawa) can act so boldly, and who is backing him? Who is backing him? Who is backing Tackey? It has shown the decline of the Johnny’s office’s “grip” and is beginning to have an effect on casting.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has launched an investigation, and “TOBE” led by Takizawa is rapidly expanding its power by joining forces with other influential “quit-janis” such as Ken Miyake (44) and Shiyoh Hirano (26). Terrestrial TV stations have finally begun to “remove Johnny’s.” A producer at a production company said, “I’ve heard that the producers of the production company are quietly making a move to remove Johnny’s.

A producer at a production company said in a low voice, “I’ve been watching ballet since 1977.

It has been in the news that the Japanese talents who have been special supporters of the volleyball World Cup since 1977 have been eliminated from this year’s World Cup. …… In fact, the news programs have also been eliminated. The other day, there was a casting meeting for a big news special to be broadcast by the end of the year.

The production team had hoped to have the hottest Japanese talents such as SixTONES and Snow Man as MCs, but to their surprise, they were turned down at the executive meeting. The majority of the participants were of the opinion that “at least in the news section of the program, it would be difficult for the viewers to understand the use of a Japanese celebrity who has been in the middle of a sexual assault scandal.

The names that were mentioned in place of the Japanese talents were big-name actors and comedians who had received high ratings for their April-cooled dramas.

Will President Keiko Fujishima Julie take the stage at the apology press conference that is scheduled to be held?

Some production staff members have voiced their concerns that the problem lies with the way the late Mr. Kitagawa and the rest of the Johnny’s team handled the situation, and not with the talent themselves. Up to now, executives of terrestrial TV stations, including Mr. Ryunosuke Endo, chairman of the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association (Minpakuren), have expressed the same view at press conferences and other events.

However – the tendency of news programs to distance Japanese celebrities from this issue has been seen for some time. Take “news zero” (NTV), for example. Sho Sakurai (41) was on the program at the perfect time, the day after the current president of Johnny’s, Keiko Fujishima (57), apologized on her official website (May 15), but he did not even appear on the program, let alone mention the issue. Sakurai did not comment on the issue until June 5, half a month later.

In fact, Sakurai had prepared a comment to express his own viewpoint on the issue. “Actually, Sakurai had prepared a comment to express his own viewpoint, but he was stopped at the last minute. Noriyuki Higashiyama (56), the actual top talent in Johnny’s, is the MC of “Sunday Live! (TV Asahi), so it is said that “they thought Higashiyama should be the first to comment,” but the truth is unknown.

Some believe that since “news zero” is a news program, the station hesitated to include Sakurai in the program. Sakurai must have been very disappointed to be slammed as an “unqualified anchor. ……

Sakurai has close ties to the news section of terrestrial television.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, TV station staffers are paying close attention to the TOBE led by Hideaki Takizawa. The biggest concern, they say, is “which station will be the first to appoint TOBE’s talents.

The “TOBE” broadcasted live on their YouTube channel, but the subtitle was not catchy enough. The ticker was also in a thin font, which was not friendly to viewers. A TV station official said It does not appear that anyone from the TV station was involved in the video production. Then who is backing them? Some people have mentioned the name of Mr. Takushi Okuno of the “Burdock Party,” who is closely associated with Tackey, but now ……”

Will the honeymoon relationship between Johnny’s and TV continue to run toward its end?

  • Reporting and writing Aida Pudding

    A broadcaster who has been drifting between the worlds of television and radio for more than 15 years.

  • Photography Yusuke Kondo (Meguro) Photography Kojiro Yamada

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