Ruling party accuses her of “faking it”… Korea’s beautiful first lady “criticizes luxury bags for her visit to Europe” and mudslinging trouble. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ruling party accuses her of “faking it”… Korea’s beautiful first lady “criticizes luxury bags for her visit to Europe” and mudslinging trouble.

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With the wife of the country’s president during a visit to Poland in mid-July (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)

South Korea’s beautiful First Lady Kim Keon-hee, 50, is in unexpected trouble.

The turmoil began during a visit to Europe that she made with her husband, President Yun Suk-yeol, in early July. When they left the country, Kim, wearing a white dress and pink shoes, was holding an eco-friendly bag with an illustration of a dog on it. On the bag were the following words.

Bye Bye Plastic bags!

This may be an appeal to people to stop using plastic bags, which are said to have a negative impact on animal ecology and the environment. Kim often wore a T-shirt with similar words on it to ecological events. He often wore a T-shirt with the same words on it.

If plastic is washed into the ocean, fish and other living creatures are in a very dangerous situation. We should use eco-bags on a daily basis.

Inside the eco-bag was a brand-name product valued at 520,000 yen.

However, …….

According to the Chosun Ilbo and other newspapers, Mr. A, a member of the opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPJ), criticized Kim for carrying luxury brand goods in his eco-bag. Mr. A posted the following contents on Twitter. Hidden inside the eco-bag is a Chanel bag. It is a luxury brand and costs 5,150,000 won (about 520,000 yen).

A few days later, however, Mr. A toned down his claims.

On July 17, he said, “It seems that what was in the eco-bag was not a Chanel product. The shape of the bag seems to be different from that of the Chanel product. I corrected it, saying, ‘Further investigation is needed. Soon after, the tweet itself was deleted.

Mr. A has been criticizing the First Lady for some time, saying things like, “If Mr. Kim is arrested (over allegations of manipulating stock prices, etc. that have surfaced), the economic effect would be 50 trillion won (about 5 trillion yen). This tweet was probably part of his criticism. However, it is a bit odd that they would post such an accusatory comment against the first lady with little basis. ……

It seems that Mr. Kim could not remain silent in the face of Mr. A’s criticism, which could be taken as slander. The ruling party, “Power of the People,” issued the following comment, accusing Mr. A of defamation.

Mr. Kim’s reputation has been severely damaged by claiming a fake case in a public forum. It may even violate the law.

It seems that Mr. Kim was not to blame, but the fact that a single possession can cause such an uproar is a testament to the influence of the First Lady in Korea.

  • PHOTO Reuters/Afro

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