The “head amputation case” in Susukino, Hokkaido… Neighbors witnessed a “mild-mannered assailant and his wife” strange anomaly. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “head amputation case” in Susukino, Hokkaido… Neighbors witnessed a “mild-mannered assailant and his wife” strange anomaly.

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Home of the arrested Tamura suspect’s family

On July 2, the body of a man with a severed head was found at a hotel in Susukino, Sapporo, Hokkaido. On July 24, Hokkaido police arrested Runa Tamura, 29, a suspect of unknown occupation, and Osamu Tamura, 59, a doctor, both of Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo, on suspicion of destruction of a corpse. The following day, on the 25th, a part-time employee, Hiroko Tamura, 60, was arrested on the same charge.

The three suspects are father and son, and a head believed to be that of the victim was found in the family’s home. What kind of life did the family of suspects lead, who committed the heinous act of cutting off a human head and taking it home with them? A woman in her 80s who had been in contact with the family said that the suspect’s mother, Hiroko, “was a warmhearted person who raised insects and took care of wild gengorou.

She would make cases for the larvae on the akebi I gave her and raise them.” I gave the larvae the leaves of the akebi for food. Later, he showed me, ‘It became a butterfly. So you raised them from larvae to butterflies.

The Tamura family moved into their current home 19 years ago. They gradually developed a relationship with their neighbors through gardening and other hobbies.

His wife used to work as a curator at an art museum in Asahikawa, and she is quite a serious painter. One of the New Year’s cards we received had an illustration of an amabie, which his wife had drawn and printed.”

New Year’s greeting card received from the suspect Hiroko by a neighbor

Although her character is far removed from the gruesome incident, there has been a change in her mother recently.

She said, ” For several months now, there have been times when she doesn’t answer the door when I ring the chime. When I visited her when the lights were on, she said, ‘I go out around 7:00 a.m., so I’m not here at 9:00 a.m. or something. I wondered if he had started working.

Meanwhile, a woman in her 20s living nearby witnessed the strange behavior of the father of the suspect family.

She said, ” I always pass by this house on my way to and from work, and in the morning I saw the father of the Tamura family eating his lunch box in his car or eating cup noodles on the porch. It was a strange sight, and I remember it well.”

Another neighbor also witnessed the solitary life of his father, a psychiatrist, in his car.

Another neighbor also witnessed the solitary life of the father, a psychiatrist, in his car: “For the past year or so, after the husband came home, he stayed in the car for a long time with the interior light on. I can just see the parking lot from my window. For the past week or two, there have been times when the car has been gone all night.”

Photo of the arrested suspect Osamu. From his social networking site.

At the same time that there were changes in the lives of the father and mother, there were also changes in the appearance of the house.

He said, ” About four large cooler boxes were placed in the parking lot in front of the house. It’s been about the last two months, and I thought, ‘That never happened before, so what’s the reason for it? Also, starting in February or March, a white cloth was covering the area from the top of the parking space to the windshield of the car. If you looked closely, you could see through it, but it was like a blindfold.”

The changes that had been visited on the family that was arrested. What was going on inside the house where the human head was kept? The case is still shrouded in mystery.

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