Johnny’s “on the precipice” where “I didn’t know” is not acceptable, as is Big Motor’s “August 4 UN report” on sexual assault. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s “on the precipice” where “I didn’t know” is not acceptable, as is Big Motor’s “August 4 UN report” on sexual assault.

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President Julie Fujishima of Johnny’s is being asked to make an apology (from her official website).

I didn’t know.

This word is now completely forbidden.

On July 25, Big Motor, a major used car sales company that is being investigated for fraudulent insurance claims, held a press conference. The company’s president, Hiroyuki Kaneshige, has been inundated with criticism for his words and actions.

Big Motor was found to have been illegally claiming more insurance money at some of its sheet metal and paint stores by putting golf balls in socks and hitting car bodies, etc. On July 26, President Kaneshige and his son, Vice President Koichi Kaneshige, announced their resignation, but the business world is still concerned that the president’s resignation will be seen as a sign that the company is not a family-owned business.

However, the business community is unanimous in its view that “the company is family-run, so even if the president resigns, the power relationship will not change in the slightest.

However, the business world is of the opinion that “the relationship of power will not change at all even if the president resigns because of the family management. At the press conference

At the press conference, President Kaneshige was asked, “To what extent were senior management aware of the fraud?”

President Kaneshige was asked, “How much were senior management aware of the fraud?

I was unaware of it.
Management was not involved.

and “Management was not involved. He continued

I really couldn’t believe my ears. I was stunned to learn that they had even done this.

He went on to say that it was someone else’s problem.

He then went on to speak harshly against the employees who had padded the bill.

This is a crime. They must pay for their crimes!

He later retracted his statement.

The case of Keiko Fujishima, president of the Johnny’s agency, is fresh in our minds as a case of a top corporate official saying that he or she did not know about the incident. The public’s attention has turned to the corporate culture of Johnny’s since the revelation of the sexual abuse of the company’s founder, Mr. Kitagawa.

It has been known for some time that Mr. Janney’s sexual abuse was an “open secret” within the office, and it was suspected. It was suspected that this was an “open secret” within the office.

In response to this, President Julie stated in a written explanation released on the company website

In response to this, President Julie commented in an explanatory document published on the company website, “I think it’s impossible to pass this off as something I didn’t know about.

I think it’s something I can’t let it go unnoticed, but I didn’t know about it. A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper said, “We are going to try to put the situation behind us.

The company’s intention was to settle the situation, but it ended up pouring more fuel on the fire. Mr. Julie is one of the people close to Mr. Janney. I understand that he cannot say ‘I knew about it’ for compliance reasons, but we still could not gain the public’s understanding.

On the 25th, Tokyo Shimbun’s Social Affairs Department reporter Eriko Mochizuki posted a series of tweets in response to Big Motor’s press conference.

At the press conference announcing the resignation of Big Motor’s president, the president was criticized by reporters who asked, “Isn’t it too late for a press conference one week after the problem was discovered?

He then cut to the chase,

Meanwhile, President Julie of Johnny’s only released a one-minute apology video and five A4 sheets of paper to the media one month after former Jr. member Cowan Okamoto raised his voice.

he said sarcastically.

He also cited Big Motor’s corporate culture of being reluctant to respond to inquiries from the media

This is the same as Johnny’s office. The fraud has been known for a long time, and the reporter who asked the question must have been following up on the allegations. Big Motor is once again an outrageous company!

he criticized.

Johnny’s announced on its website that a press conference will be held soon by a “special team for the prevention of recurrence” organized by a third party. The date and time remain unknown.

In the meantime, a UN investigation team conducted hearings in Tokyo and Osaka with victims of Johnny’s sexual assault. This one will hold a press conference on August 4.

I think Johnny’s will have to wait for the U.N. team to hold a press conference. We don’t know what will come out of it. The response is always backward. The truth is that they don’t know what to do.

The public is calling for a press conference by President Julie herself, not by a special team to prevent a recurrence. However, there is no indication that Johnny’s will respond to this request. In this light, it may be said that Big Motor, whose president has agreed to hold a press conference, is “still better off.

It is common practice in any industry for the head of a company to come out and give an explanation when a scandal occurs. Moreover, the issue of Johnny’s sexual assault is beyond the scope of an entertainment scandal, with both the United Nations and the political world moving in. As long as President Julie does not come out to the public, the curtain will not be drawn.

Will the day come when we will hear President Julie’s “true feelings”?

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