The “people” with whom Hiromitsu Kitayama of Kiss Mai might team up after joining “TOBE”… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “people” with whom Hiromitsu Kitayama of Kiss Mai might team up after joining “TOBE”…

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He played the role of a former NEET lawyer in “The Scales of Justice” (NHK) (’21 Sep).

It was announced on the program broadcast on September 20 that Fuji Television’s late-night program “Kiss My Super BUSAIKU! (Kiss My Super BUSAIKU!?),” a late-night show on Fuji Television Network featuring the popular Johnny’s office group Kis-My-Ft2, will end at the end of September.

At the ending of the show, the seven members lined up side by side and Yuta Tamamori (33) said on behalf of all the members , “I have an announcement to make. I would like to announce that ‘Kiss My Super BUSAIKU! Thank you very much for your support over the past 11 years. After all the members bowed, Tamamori continued, “As of August, ‘Kiss My Super BUSAIKU! The reason for the end of the program is clear.

Prior to Kismai’s program, the station’s “VS Soul Gradation,” in which several Johnny’s personalities, including Masaki Aiba of Arashi, appeared regularly, was reported to be ending its broadcast in September. The reason was that former King & Prince member Yuta Kishi was leaving Johnny’s on September 30.

As for Kiss My, Hiromitsu Kitayama (37) left the group and left Johnny’s on August 31. With this, the show will air a compilation of its past episodes in September and will end at the end of September,” said a Fuji Television source.

(A Fuji Television source) At the time of the announcement of the program’s conclusion, Kitayama’s “future” after leaving the group had not been announced, but it seems that he was already on track to join an agency that now seems to be growing into a force that threatens Johnny’s. “Originally, Kitayama’s public life and private life were always inseparable,” said a Fuji Television source.

Originally, Kitayama had a close relationship with and respect for Hideaki Takizawa, former vice president of Johnny’s, who launched a new agency, TOBE, in March of this year.

TOBE” announced on July 2 that former “V6” member Ken Miyake would be joining the group, and on July 7, former “King & Prince” members Shiyou Hirano and Yuta Jinguji, and on July 14, all seven former Johnny’s Jr. members who had been active as “IMPACTors” when they were with Johnny’s joined the group. On the 14th, it was announced that all seven former Johnny’s Jr. members who were active as “IMPACTors” when they belonged to Johnny’s would join together and restart under the new group name “IMP.

It is said that the reason they are so eager to put up a fight with Johnny’s is because Takizawa has some big names in the entertainment industry backing him. It is believed that Kitayama will join TOBE, but will concentrate on his acting career and back up Mr. Takizawa by directing and other behind-the-scenes work.

On the 15th of this month, Kiss Mai appeared live on the TBS music special program “Ongaku no 2023,” and MC Masahiro Nakai (50) asked Kitayama, “Are you going to find a job (after leaving TO BE)?  Will you look for a different job? Will you become a salaryman or something? Masahiro Nakai (50), the MC, asked Kitayama, “Are you going to find a job (after leaving the school)?

Kitayama laughed and said, “Please don’t do anything that might cause a firestorm,” but Nakai pressed further, “Aren’t you going to work somewhere other than the entertainment industry or something? Nakai asked further. Kitayama then asked with a very silly look on his face, “If Kitayama joins TOBE, it is likely that he will collaborate with those people who are also closely related to Nakai.

Speaking of Kismai, former SMAP chief manager Michi Iijima produced the group during his time at Johnny’s. Iijima is now the former manager of SMAP. Iijima is now the driving force behind the “New Map” project of former SMAP members Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, and Shingo Katori.

The three members of “New Map” are gradually returning to terrestrial broadcasting and regaining momentum, and it is believed that Kitayama, after joining TOBE, will join Takizawa and Iijima to form a very powerful “anti-Johnny’s alliance. If a coalition is formed, it is likely that they will first co-star in ABEMA’s regular programs on “New Map” to see how the public reacts to them.

Kitayama’s movements after leaving Johnny’s will be the focus of much attention.

After taking a public bath, he went to four izakayas (November ’18).
While drinking at an izakaya, he often went outside to call someone (’18 Nov.)
Secret meeting with Rio Uchida at a bar. Kitayama left the restaurant about 30 minutes after Uchida left. He was very cautious about his surroundings. (’21 April)
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