Rare shot of sisters, seeing off Fumi Nikaido with full force in a holo-drunken state… Hikari Mitsushima “busy with commercials and dramas”, beautiful true face photo. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rare shot of sisters, seeing off Fumi Nikaido with full force in a holo-drunken state… Hikari Mitsushima “busy with commercials and dramas”, beautiful true face photo.

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September ’13. With her sister, model Minami (right), at a coffee shop in Tokyo.

Not a day goes by that we do not see actress Hikari Mitsushima (37) on TV or in advertisements.

Her appearances in mobile and beer commercials run daily, and she has appeared in NHK’s BS Premium drama series “Edogawa Rampo: The Short Stories of Edogawa Rampo IV” and Netflix’s “Shonen Tanteidan. Shonen Tanteidan” and “First Love: Hatsukoi” on Netflix.

Mitsushima-san originally debuted as a singer. She is a graduate of “Okinawa Actors School” and was a member of the vocal group “Folder” under the name “HIKARI. In 2003, after “Folder 5,” which was reorganized from “Folder,” went on hiatus, she began her career under her real name, Hikari Mitsushima.

As you know, she has been actively appearing in movies, dramas, and stage performances as an actress since then. She has won numerous awards, including the “Kinema Junpo Best Ten” Best Supporting Actress Award (for “Love Exposure” and others), the “Japan Academy Prize” Best Supporting Actress Award (for “Bad Man” and “Ichimei”), and the “Japan Film Critics Award” Best Actress Award (for “Life and Death on the Beach”). She is now one of Japan’s leading actresses” (employee of a major film company).

FRIDAY” has been focusing on Mitsushima since shortly after she began to attract attention as an actress. Two shots with her precious younger sister, holo-drunk and seeing off her friend Fumi Nikaido ……. With these treasured photos, we would like to introduce Mitsushima’s aura full of charm.

A close moment with her sister and brother

In September ’13, after the first round of a drama launch party, seeing off Nikaido, a close ally, with all her might.

It was in September ’13 that I witnessed a rare sighting of the sisters.

Two beautiful women entered a coffee shop in Tokyo. They were Mitsushima and her younger sister Minami. Minami plays basketball for the Nippon Sport and Physical Education University and is a famous 172cm-tall model, and they left the store after about an hour.

In August 2007, the sisters had dinner with her younger brother, Shinnosuke.

Shinnosuke was dining with friends at a Korean restaurant in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. I think it was after 7:30 pm when Mr. Mitsushima joined them. At the time, Mitsushima and Shinanosuke were performing in a stage production of “Oki wo Sumo Asama” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, and the two were very close, and it was because of his sister’s influence that Shinanosuke decided to become an actor.

(A source close to the entertainment industry says, “Drunken Mitsushima is also very attractive.

He was also very charming when drunk. See you later!

Mitsushima saw Fumi Nikaido off in a cab with a big smile on her face. It was after midnight in September 2001. It was a scene after the launch of the drama “Woman” (NTV), which was airing at the time. Mitsushima had probably had a lot to drink and was in high spirits. She boldly hugged Nikaido, who is also from Okinawa, and waved vigorously until the cab was out of sight.

No matter the situation, Mitsushima always has an overwhelming presence. Even in her busy life, she never loses her charm.

In March ’09, he told this magazine about his passion for film
August ’19. Mitsushima joins his brother Shinnosuke at a dinner with friends.
October ’11. They stopped by a convenience store in Ebisu, Tokyo.
October 2011. Seeing plates at a general store in Daikanyama, Tokyo.
July ’10. At the launch of the drama “Moteki” (TV Tokyo).
September ’13. Taking a walk near Suginami, Tokyo
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