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Delayed return home was not due to injury! Issei Ishida – The shocking part of his flight back to Vietnam

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On April 16, Issei Ishida heads to Cebu Island for language study in order to appear in a Vietnamese movie.

Was it not true that he was hospitalized due to injury…?

Ishida Issei (48), who was reportedly hospitalized with injuries while on location for a movie in Vietnam, has returned to Japan. Issei, who was in Vietnam filming the Japanese-Vietnamese co-production “Samurai in the Rye” (tentative title), took to his Twitter account on January 14,

I think I got a fungus in my hand. #Tetanus.

He posted on his Twitter page, “I think I got a fungus in my hand. According to a report in a sports newspaper, a person concerned said,

I have not only tetanus, but also bruises all over my body, and I have been hospitalized at a local hospital. He seems to be very depressed about not being able to return to Japan.

The paper goes on to say. As for the circumstances of his injury,

During the filming of an action scene, he fell and fell into a drainage ditch, hitting his elbow, knee, and hip. He also injured his fingers when he put his hand on the floor.

He also injured his fingers when he reached for his hand,

I was stupid enough to keep on filming, thinking, ‘I don’t care about this. Then I got tetanus.

I got tetanus. However, it became clear that this was not true.

Mr. Issei got into trouble on the plane and was taken off the plane.

A Japanese tourist who saw Issei in the area said so.

In mid-July, I was with Issei on the plane back to Japan. After the flight took off, Issei suddenly started acting strangely and stormed out. The flight attendant tried to calm him down, but he wouldn’t calm down, so the plane had to turn back to the airport.

According to a travel agent who was at the airport, Issei apparently panicked and was admitted to the hospital after being taken off the plane, which was turned back to the airport.

According to the Japanese tourist, Issei was acting strangely even before boarding the plane, his hands were shaking abnormally, he looked frightened, and he clearly appeared to be in poor health. Issei was admitted to the hospital in an emergency, but even at the hospital he caused a commotion.

He slipped out of the hospital. Everyone including hospital staff looked for him, but they couldn’t find him, but he came back on his own, and he seemed to have been quiet since then.

A film production staff member who was watching the shooting of the movie said that he was not “injured” in the first place.

He was not in any of the action scenes they say. So it is impossible that he was injured during the filming of the action scenes. The stairs were wet, so they were slippery, and there were several staff members who fell. Issei also slipped and fell, but I think he just cut his finger a little. Tetanus is an exaggeration.

Issei is still a man of turmoil, but why did he tell such a lie? When we asked his office for an interview, we received the following answer.

“I boarded a plane on the 14th, but I had to turn back. It is a fact that he boarded a plane on the 14th, but turned back. He said that he had a tetanus attack and had a seizure. He had originally been in a situation that required mental care, and under such circumstances, he had extreme fatigue, injuries, and heat stroke-like symptoms. So he became mentally unstable and went to the hospital. I was hospitalized for treatment of my injuries and mental care.

It is a misunderstanding that I left the hospital, and I was allowed to go out. I was diagnosed with an infectious disease, so I don’t think I lied.

The staff of the office picked him up at short notice and asked a Japanese embassy staff member to escort him until he arrived at the hospital. He returned to Japan on the 20th when his condition had stabilized, but I wonder what Issei himself thinks of the commotion.

He said, “It is true that I have caused trouble for everyone. Even though I was ill, everyone on board had plans. He said he wanted to sincerely apologize for that.

He is scheduled to appear on stage in August, but is he really going to be okay? I am worried because I heard that he is struggling to revive his career….

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