Naniwa Danshi” Joichiro Fujiwara, whose passionate performance in the April drama “Naniwa Danshi” has received favorable reviews for his <good acting>, is expected to be active as an actor as well. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Naniwa Danshi” Joichiro Fujiwara, whose passionate performance in the April drama “Naniwa Danshi” has received favorable reviews for his <good acting>, is expected to be active as an actor as well.

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Joichiro Fujiwara of Naniwa Danshi [from the official Twitter feed of Joichiro Fujiwara’s Naniwa Dafuru Radio].

Naniwa Danshi’s Joichiro Fujiwara made a regular appearance in the drama series “Pending Train – 8:23 PM, With You Tomorrow” (TBS) in the April season. He was cast as the role of Daichi Yonezawa, a bright and articulate Kansai man, and his enthusiastic performance was well received. Like his character, he seemed to be a mood-maker on the set.

The film tells the story of a train train that happens to be in a pending state and warps into an unfamiliar world. Actor Yuki Yamada plays the lead role, and the cast is rich in personality, including Eiji Akachu, Moeka Kamishiraishi, Yasuko Matsuyuki, Kai Inowaki, and Tetta Sugimoto. Yonezawa, played by Fujiwara, is a vocational school student studying pop culture such as games and manga, and is the most beloved character on board. During the broadcast, he was nicknamed “Yone-chan” by viewers on SNS,

The boy who plays Yone-chan is the first actor I’ve seen in this drama, and I like him a lot.
The Naniwa boy in “Pending Train” is a good actor.
Fujiwara-kun in Naniwa Otoko, I like him. Fujiwara-kun of Naniwa Otoko is a good actor. His performance in Pending Train is good.

The “Pending Train” performance is good,” were some of the accolades.

On the June 12 broadcast of the radio program “Joichiro Fujiwara’s Nani Wandafuru Radio supported by Lawson” (FM Osaka), Fujiwara shared some behind-the-scenes stories about the filming of “Pending Train. Pending Train”. One day, Yamada was live-streaming on his Instagram in between takes.

He said, “At that time, the lights were dimmed for a set change. Then Akachu-san, who was performing with us, suddenly said, ‘Happy birthday to you,’ and everyone around us was like, ‘Is it your birthday? And everyone around me was like, “Is it your birthday? He made a joke like that,” he recalled. Akachu said “Happy birthday dear Jyou-kun” and “Happy birthday, Jyou-kun! Fujiwara, who was born in February, somehow got into the mood to be congratulated.

It is a standard practice at drama production sites to congratulate cast members on their birthdays. Naturally, the production team is aware of the event, but on this occasion, Fujiwara’s birthday celebration suddenly began, causing confusion for Yamada, the chairperson, and the staff. When Fujiwara, who was the center of attention, confided, “I didn’t think I would be celebrating my birthday three and a half months ago right here and now,” those around him understood and said, “Not today? I didn’t expect to celebrate my birthday here three and a half months ago. This was overheard during Yamada’s Instagram live.

Fujiwara said, “The worst person is Akachu-san. I said, ‘Please stop. The staff was so surprised,” she complained. However, he also said, “We were all quite friendly in the studio during filming,” and it seems that a good relationship had been established.

Fujiwara, who gave a good performance in “Pending Train,” will also appear in the movie “Analog,” starring Kazuya Ninomiya of Storm and actress Haru, which will be released on October 6 this year.

Fujiwara’s first appearance in a drama series in the Golden Prime (GP) slot was in “Pending Train,” and he succeeded in leaving a deep impression on the viewers. He is an avowed fan of professional baseball, the Pacific League’s “Orix Buffaloes,” and is active in baseball-related programs and variety shows. However, it seems likely that he will be extremely busy in the future as an actor as well.

Fujiwara is now 27 years old. Fujiwara is now 27 years old, and we hope that he will use his experience as a weapon to polish his ability to express himself.

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