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Behind Big Motor President Kaneshige’s Apology Conference, Whispers of “Mass Death of Roadside Trees” and Allegations of “Working with Insurance Companies

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Finally, the president of “Big Motor” held an apology press conference. Ryuta Sato, who had appeared in commercials for many years, had his contract terminated. …… (from HP)

The company’s president, Hiroyuki Kaneshige, held a press conference on the issue of fraudulent insurance claims by “Big Motor,” a used car sales company.

He stated, “We will work with the non-life insurance company to promptly collect the claims and refund the money to the customers.

He also announced that he would resign as president and representative director as of July 26.

However, in addition to the insurance fraud claim issue, new allegations by the company have been making the rounds on the Internet and other media.

A mass death of roadside trees caused by herbicide spraying has occurred at this location. If you know of or have seen the incident, please contact the following address. Ota Police Station

A photo with this description is causing controversy on the Internet. The sign in front of Big Motor’s store reads, “Police suspect someone is spraying herbicide to kill trees along the street. It is in the same format as a sign asking for “eyewitness information” in the event of a traffic accident.

Only in front of Big Motor’s store, there are no trees along the street, making it easier to see the store and cars.

When this hypothesis was circulated on the Internet, photos of Big Motor stores in Kawasaki, Nagoya, Fuji, Fukui, Shikoku, and other cities in Japan were posted by ordinary users on social networking sites. Indeed, the trees in front of these stores had suddenly disappeared, and the Big Motor stores stood “shining” in front of them.

One Google Maps street viewer captured a decisive moment of what appeared to be an employee crouched in front of the Big Motor store, doing something with a tree. Many people suspect that the person is “spraying something.

The probability that the street trees will somehow disappear cleanly only in front of Big Motor stores across the country is probably astronomical. It is only a matter of time before a former employee makes some sort of accusation. If someone is destroying public property, criminal penalties should be imposed. The police can’t ignore the public outcry and will launch an investigation.

On the Internet

“I never thought it would be this bad. ……

《It’s not even weeds.

They are good at both “buying” and “reaping”! That’s Big Motor!

That’s what Big Motor is good at!” and “That’s what Big Motor is good at, buying and mowing!

Furthermore, it was learned that Sompo Japan Insurance had dispatched a total of 37 employees to Big Motor since 2011. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance also dispatched employees to Big Motor.

The Asahi Shimbun dated January 25 reported that as of last summer, Sompo Japan had received a report through an employee who had been seconded to Big Motor that “the factory manager had given him instructions to commit fraud.

“The plant manager had given the company instructions to commit fraud.

The Asahi Shimbun reported that as of last summer, Sompo Japan had received information that “the factory manager had instructed the company to commit fraud. After that, the company had suspended business with Big Motor, but had temporarily resumed business with the company. The insurance company, while aware of the fraud, may have been “inseparably linked” with Big Motor.

The insurance company introduced Big Motor’s repair shops to policyholders, while Big Motor was an agent selling auto insurance policies for the three companies. Moreover, all three companies had their employees seconded to Big Motor to perform insurance-related work.

Even if they knew about Big Motor’s fraud, from the insurance company’s point of view, Big Motor was a “big customer” who sent them a large number of customers. The company was so self-serving that it had no regard for its customers. The government should promptly investigate the case and take strict disciplinary measures.

One after another, the “corrupt” structure emerges. I wonder if it is possible to lose one’s sense of ethics to such an extent for the sake of one’s own profit.

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