The father of the “daddy’s life”, a major dating club, opened a “high-class lounge” in Ginza, where adult men and women gather for love. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The father of the “daddy’s life”, a major dating club, opened a “high-class lounge” in Ginza, where adult men and women gather for love.

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Love begins with a 20-minute “blind date

Universe Club, the largest dating club in Japan, is also known as the originator of the term “papa katsu. Universe Club opened a private lounge in Ginza at the end of last year, called “Universe Lounge Tokyo,” which has become a hot topic among “daddies.

The dating clubs are being reevaluated by those who have had bitter experiences such as cancellations and “face to face” scams when meeting people on apps. However, dating clubs require a lot of time and effort to set up a date before meeting someone. At this lounge, you can meet and talk with the woman of your choice on the spot. Of course, if we hit it off, we can go on a date afterwards.

I visited the lounge in a building in Ginza 8-chome. When I got off the elevator, I found a stylish space illuminated in bright aqua blue. Opening the door and entering, I found a row of semi-private rooms separated by transparent partitions and thin curtains. Inside, there were two chairs flanked by small tables. When I heard that it was a lounge, I imagined it would be more open, but I guess many customers are concerned about their privacy. I asked the manager, Hayato Oshiro, about the system.

The first time you join, we take about 30 minutes to register your membership and create a profile. The admission fee is 11,000 yen for 90 minutes, and for the first time, there is an admission fee of 110,000 yen. You can drink all the soft drinks and alcohol you want. When you take a seat, you can choose a woman you like to talk with from the photos of women who have come to the store and are waiting in another room, which are uploaded on the member’s site. Talk time is 20 minutes, during which time you are not allowed to exchange contact information or negotiate for a reward, nor are you allowed to be entertained by the women. If you like the woman and she agrees, you can go on a date outside the restaurant and exchange contact information with her.

In this case, the client pays 11,000 yen to the restaurant and 5,000 yen to the woman as a signing fee. In addition, if the impression of a woman is not satisfactory, the customer can talk with another woman after a 10-minute interval. In other words, you can meet three women at one time. The system is similar to the “encounter cafes” that were popular a long time ago, but the ratio of men to women and the clientele seem to be quite different.

There are four to five men and about 15 women who come to the store each day. Most of the men are executives in their 40s and 50s, while the women are in their 20s and early 30s, and their occupations vary from office workers to students to nurses. Some work in the entertainment industry or in adult films. The women who come here are only those in the Gold class or higher at “Universe Club. Gold is the image of one or two kawaii girls in the class.

(The same before). Hearing this, I would definitely like to give it a try, but the 110,000 yen admission fee is something that would make me hesitate in the usual sense. For example, if one considers that a Gold Class member of “Universe Club,” which requires a 55,000 yen admission fee, will pay 33,000 yen for every date arranged, it may be a good deal….

What is it really like? We interviewed Mr. A, a company executive in his 50s, who has used the lounge several times.

Compared to spending tens of thousands of yen per person to set up a date, it’s much cheaper, and I’m happy to be able to have a drink. But I still think it’s great that I can actually meet and talk to women right away. However, compared to other places where many women put their faces on their profiles, the problem with Universe is that you don’t know what they look like until you meet them.

I’ve been matched with four or five people so far, but most of them have ended up on dinner dates. I’d like to get to know them better, but I’m too busy with work and don’t have much time. There was one woman who made a strong approach to me from the other side, and we had an “adult” date. There was also a woman who said she was a school teacher, and I got strangely excited (laughs). I would like to meet more people.

On the other hand, what about lounges from the point of view of the women who are active in the papa’s life? Biko (40), who works in the beauty and entertainment industry, says she sometimes stops by here because she has a lesson place in Ginza. She has been using Universe Club for daddy activities since before Corona.

She says, “The staff are nice and give me sweets and stuff, so I often stop by just to talk with them. I often chat with women I know or like. When there are no men around, I go to the waiting room to read a book or study a hobby. I can hear the sound of computers clacking, so it seems that some people are working.

In my case, I often get rejected because of my age if I am chosen based on my profile, so I prefer to have them meet me in person. Also, many people at Universe Club are very busy and often have a hard time finding the time to meet, so I think it’s nice to be able to meet someone whose timing is right for both of us.

There are three people I met here and still see regularly. The allowance is 50,000 yen per date. Some of them give me 300,000 yen a month. I like that many of the people I meet here have a lot of time on their hands and are not gruff. They also take me to good restaurants, so it’s fun just to have a dinner date.

Perhaps it’s because the club’s parent company is a dating club, or perhaps it’s the location of Ginza, but it seems to be a completely different kind of “adult dating” than the dating scene in the area. If you can’t afford the 110,000 yen membership fee, why not check it out?

When the elevator door opens, you are in an extraordinary space.
The booths are tightly partitioned so that male customers do not see each other.
When the waiting room is full, many women wait here.
The women’s waiting room. Some women work remotely from here.
A women’s dresser with a variety of cosmetics and other items.
Newly enrolled women on the Universe Lounge website.

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