Reimi Tsutsumi, Fuji’s new “face of the night,” is getting her big break, and the upper management is aiming for the “Taki Kuri line. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reimi Tsutsumi, Fuji’s new “face of the night,” is getting her big break, and the upper management is aiming for the “Taki Kuri line.

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Her late afternoon appearance is also somewhat glamorous.

Reimi Tsutsumi, 29, an announcer at Fuji Television Network, has become popular among middle-aged men after they get home from work as a newscaster with her “beautiful face in a do-up” on the news program “FNN Live News Alpha” (11:40 PM), which she has anchored from Monday to Thursday since the end of March. Her pheromone-filled beauty is now the talk of the town, and she has become the “face of the night.

Tsutsumi has the same “good girl” good looks as a popular actress. She is one of the best looking female announcers in the world, with a slight pheromone that suggests a devilish woman. FNN-” is a program that Yurika Mita, who left Fuji in March of this year, was in charge of until the end of last year, and since Tsutsumi became the main announcer, her face has been shown in an unusually large size. When she reads news, her face occupies about one-third of the screen, and when she talks remotely with experts, half of the screen is occupied by the image of her upper body. Tsutsumi’s beauty struck a chord with office workers who came home tired from work. A number of men are glued to their TV sets before going to bed.

At the beginning of the program, Tsutsumi walked from the edge of the studio. The scene is shown from an upward camera, which shows her entire body, including the day’s coords and her beautiful legs. It is like a model’s runway. She starts the program with the greeting, “At the end of the day for everyone who works, I will give you news that will lead to something extra for tomorrow.

The ending with a smiling close-up as he says, ‘Thank you for staying up late tonight.’ The gap between the crisp expression on his face as he delivers his case report, the sex appeal he exudes from beginning to end, and the soft smile that peeks out at the end of his speech is soothing, and a number of “gotcha” uncles have been falling for him. The hairstyles change slightly each time, as do the outfits. There was even a day in the summer when she wore a sleeveless dress, boldly exposing her beautiful skin. An increasing number of male viewers have become “addicted” to watching her beauty, ignoring the news.

While at Otsuma Women’s University, she not only served as a student anchor for a BS Fuji news program, but also worked as a reader model for the fashion magazine “non-no,” making a name for herself with her talent and colorful personality.

There is an episode that illustrates her beauty. In 2002, when she was a university student, she appeared on “Sanma’s Super Karakuri TV” (TBS) as a “beautiful cafe waitress. In a program in which celebrities expressed their feelings for beautiful women they found on the street, Harry Sugiyama, a half-talent who frequented the cafe, confessed his feelings for her. He rejected the confession, saying he was sorry, but his looks were so outstanding that even good-looking celebrities took notice of him.

At Fuji, Christel Takigawa (45), who anchored the news program “News Japan” broadcast in the same time slot from 2002 to 2009, had a breakout moment when she read the news in a “45-degree angle” posture that accentuated her good looks.

It can be inferred that Tsutsumi’s “face-up” strategy is also a visual strategy that Fuji is targeting men after they return home, aiming for the “Takigawa line”. Since “news zero” (NTV) with anchor Yumiko Udo and “news 23″ (TBS) with anchor Ayaka Ogawa are broadcast in the previous time slot, it is necessary to differentiate the two programs in a slightly different way. Tsutsumi is a promising talent with a beautiful face who can carry out such a strategy,” said a program production company executive.

Tsutsumi also has some concerns. In August 2008, “FRIDAY” reported on her love affair with Kazuki Kamisato (29) of the Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars professional baseball team.

He will turn 30 in November, so it would not be surprising if there is some movement in his personal life. In 2009, Tsutsumi was also named in a “stealth” scandal in which several Fuji announcers allegedly appeared on a beauty salon’s social networking site in exchange for free services. However, since this spring, she has been radiating a “night presence” that has made us forget about these stories.

She has a beautiful body because she trained in classical ballet as a young girl and dance is her specialty. She has a beautiful body, and her special skill is dancing. She released her own photo book, “Treasure,” in October last year, and she is also active in her career as a model. She is the most likely candidate for Fuji’s next “star analyst.

She also boasts over 320,000 followers on her Instagram page, and is said to be motivated by the limelight that comes with being marketed as a “beautiful older sister. Now that Ayako Kato, who boasted overwhelming popularity, and her successor, Mita, have left the company, Tsutsumi is being considered for the “post-Katopan” position. Hopefully, there will be no scandals…” (A senior executive at a program production company)

Tsutsumi is said to be the focus of attention from entertainment professionals, so let’s see how far she can go in the battle of female TV announcers.

From Reimi Tsutsumi’s Instagram (@reimi_tsutsumi1123). Next to her is Keiki Imaminato.
At one time, she did not have much success, and there were whispers that she might go freelance.
Going home with fellow announcer Yui Suzuki at the end of “Mezamashi 8” in 2009.
In August 2008, the morning after a sleepover date at Yokohama DeNA’s Kamisato’s apartment. Kamisato was the first to show up and get into the car. ……
A few minutes later, Tsutsumi Anna got into the back seat, quite alarmed
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