A break from a very busy life is a drink for 100 yen! Nana Mori Discovered at a very inexpensive bar, “Lunchtime Drinking Hashigo-Drinking! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A break from a very busy life is a drink for 100 yen! Nana Mori Discovered at a very inexpensive bar, “Lunchtime Drinking Hashigo-Drinking!

A photo shoot in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. A group of young actors with some discrepancies are back on terrestrial television in Fuji's "Fuji Geki 9"!

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Kampai ♡♡!”

A popular actress was enjoying a late afternoon girls’ night out in a busy restaurant.

Actress Nana Mori (21) is playing the lead role in the Monday 9 drama “Cinderella of Midsummer” (Fuji Television) with Shoutaro Mamiya (30).

Mori leaves the first super cheap bar. While her friends were tipsy and in a good mood, Mori was looking nonchalant.

Mori made her debut at the age of 15 and quickly became a breakout star. In 2008, she was chosen to play the lead role in the GP drama “Kono Koi Atarashimasu ka” (TBS), and was ranked No. 1 on the “Breakthrough Actresses” list that year.

In January 2009, she announced that she was going independent from the agency where she first debuted, and since then her TV work has drastically decreased. However, “Maiko’s Makanaisan” (Netflix), which was released in January of this year, gave her a boost, and she returned as a heroine in “Tsuki 9. She is now back as a heroine in “Gekijo.” Another movie starring her, “Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia” will be released this June, and she is leading a very busy life,” said a source from the production company.

Kabukicho on a weekend. It was after 3 p.m. in Kabukicho on a weekend weekend, and among the young people walking in the crowd, Mori was seen carrying a 300,000 yen luxury bag from “Maison Margiela. She has a small face and sharp eyes, but no one seemed to notice her, perhaps because she was wearing a mask. Mori walked lightly into a small building with a sign that read “draft beer 190 yen. He met up with three female friends at an izakaya (Japanese-style bar) in the basement.

The restaurant is a very inexpensive bar that specializes in highballs for 100 yen per glass and fried skewers for 70 yen per skewer. On weekends, it is very crowded during the daytime, and the distance between the seats next to you is quite close. Mori-san didn’t seem to mind and was enjoying a girls’ night out at a table with three women,” said a customer who was there.

After about an hour, Mori and her friends came out of the restaurant. Perhaps not having had much to drink, Mori looked cooler than her friends. In the even more crowded Shinjuku crowd, Mori occasionally walked with her friends, picking up clothes for sale on the street. She used to wear a strict disguise in her private life, but now she seemed to be spending her time without hesitation.

Many of his co-stars this time are actors with some history, such as Kamio Fūju (24), who was inactive until a short while ago, and Koji Mizukami (24), who was involved in a dispute over a transfer to a different agency. Perhaps it is easier for those who have been through hard times in the past not to worry about each other’s problems. They already seem to be getting along quite well.

Mori said on a TV program that her only friends in the entertainment world are actresses Mochio Tomita (23) and Natsuki Deguchi (21). He is quite shy and can only say ‘yes’ when he goes on variety shows for his turn. I hear that the only people they usually hang out with are friends from the general public.

The four then went to the second restaurant. They continued their girls’ night out on the terrace of an Italian bar, with people passing by.

Nana Mori is good at playing the role of an ordinary girl who can be found anywhere. Her acting is probably made possible by the time she spends each day in her natural state.

The second bar we chose was a bar in Shinjuku San-chome. Mori was seated on the terrace, on the side of the street, and was smiling the whole time.
Nana Mori, who has never been featured in this magazine, takes a break from her extremely busy life to go on a “lunchtime drinking spree” at a very inexpensive bar.
Nana Mori, a cut that has never been published in this magazine.
Nana Mori, a cut never before published in this magazine, takes a break from her extremely busy life to go out for lunch and drinks at an inexpensive bar.

From theJuly28, 2023issue ofFRIDAY

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