Former professional chess player attempted to kill his ex-wife and his father by hitting them with a mulberry leaf…. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former professional chess player attempted to kill his ex-wife and his father by hitting them with a mulberry leaf….

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Suspect Hashimoto, who was in a muddled divorce dispute with his ex-wife (Image: Jiji Press. Courtesy of the Japan Shogi Federation)

My ex-husband is barging in!”

It was a little after 7:00 a.m. on July 20 when the police received a distressful report from a woman. When police officers arrived at the scene, they found a man bleeding from the head. The man was a former professional chess player who had once been popular in the world of shogi.

On the same day, a suspect, Takanori Hashimoto, 40, whose occupation is unknown, was arrested by the Otsu Police Station of the Shiga Prefectural Police on suspicion of attempted murder. Hashimoto entered a house in Otsu City where his ex-wife and father lived through an unlocked window in a first-floor Japanese-style room. He attempted to kill his ex-wife and her father by striking them with a 70-cm-long wooden pick.

Fortunately, the ex-wife and father sustained only minor injuries. The ex-wife ran away from the house and called 110. When police officers arrived at the scene, they found the suspect Hashimoto bleeding from the head due to resistance from his father. After receiving treatment at the hospital where he was taken, Hashimoto was asked to voluntarily accompany the suspect to the Otsu Police Station, but he refused. He was arrested on the spot in an emergency.

Hashimoto had been in trouble with his ex-wife for some time and was involved in a court case. FRIDAY Digital” reported in detail on the bogged-down trial in an article distributed on January 19 this year. We would like to recount the whole story of Hashimoto’s reputation as a professional Go player and his troubles (some parts have been corrected).

He took away my job and my children.

The murderer who destroyed everything I had.

The murderer who put me through hell.

A man was arrested for posting slanderous remarks about his ex-wife on his Twitter account. The man was a well-known former professional Go player with an 8-dan ranking.

The suspect, Hashimoto, who lives in Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, was arrested by the Otsu Police Station of the Shiga Prefectural Police on January 17 on suspicion of defamation. In November 2010, he repeatedly tweeted defamatory remarks about his divorced ex-wife, Mrs. A. Ms. A filed a criminal complaint against Hashimoto on January 11, 2010, claiming that her reputation had been damaged.

This is the second time Hashimoto has been arrested for defamation. He was arrested in December 2010 and charged by the Otsu District Court in Shiga Prefecture, where Ms. A lives.

Hashimoto entered the world of professional Go players in April 2001, when he was 18 years old. He competed with Sota Fujii and Zenji Hanyu, and his total record was 414 wins and 303 losses, and his rank was 8-dan. He was called the “heretic of the shogi world” because he wore his hair blond with a perm and looked at the camera during games.

Nicknamed “Hussey,” Hashimoto was a top-class shogi player in terms of both popularity and ability. In April 2009, he suddenly submitted a notice of retirement to the Japan Shogi Federation.

He said, “There was a divorce problem between me and Mr. A.” Hashimoto was asked by a weekly magazine, “Weekly Woman” to report the divorce. According to what Hashimoto told the media, including the April 27, 2009 issue of Shukan Josei (Weekly Woman), when he returned to his home in Shiga Prefecture in July 2007 after playing a game in Tokyo, he found that Ms. A had disappeared with their newborn son.

Many things must have happened between the two of them, but the suspect, Hashimoto, was so anxious to see his son that his weight dropped from 90 kg to 70 kg. He was in no condition to play Shogi. He had no choice but to submit a notice of retirement to the Shogi Federation,” said a Shogi Federation official.

After that, Hashimoto became a You Tuber and not only commentated on Shogi with his characteristic light tone, but also started to talk about his divorce trouble with Mr. A. He said, “We finally got divorced.

It wasn’t until last year that the divorce was finally finalized. Hashimoto is stubborn by nature, and he must have been under a lot of stress because of the trouble over the custody of his children. However, no matter how dissatisfied he may have been, slandering her is definitely not a good thing to do.

It seems that the suspect, unable to let his one-sided resentment and criticism of his ex-wife go unanswered, even went so far as to commit attempted murder.

  • Photo Jiji Press (courtesy of the Japan Shogi Association)

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