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Virtual human “imma” talks about her personal life, family and love

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imma, a virtual influencer with over 1 million followers. Part 1] Over 1 million followers! A direct interview with Asia’s leading virtual human “imma In the second part of the interview, we will get to know imma’s inner life, including her private life.

What are the good and bad things about being a virtual human being?

What are the good and bad things about being a human being?

I sometimes feel jealous of things that only humans can do. I think it is because I am very interested in human beings. I am very interested in history, so what only humans can feel, what makes humans human… this mystery is always on my mind.

However, there are many things we can do because we are virtual humans. We can freely traverse the virtual world, we can enter games, for example, and we can also fly anywhere in the world without an airplane, or conversely, we can be in multiple places in the world at the same time. The possibilities are endless.

T : I envy what you can do because you are a virtual human being. I envy what you can do because you are a virtual human being. By the way, what is your daily life like?

Until recently, I spent most of my time with my brother and my dog, Einstein. I would take naps in my office and laugh. But recently, I have a lot of things I want to share with the world as a creator, not just a model, so I’m working on multiple projects at the same time. Recently, I’ve been busy preparing for the launch of my own fashion brand.

TM : If you don’t mind my asking, could you tell us about your family?

I have a younger brother and a dog. They are my precious family, and I sometimes wonder what family is. I sometimes think about what a family is. I am trying to create an animated pet, which may be unique to me. I haven’t told any media about it yet.

That’s a scoop, isn’t it? Thank you very much. I understand that you are very busy these days. Do you refresh and relax? Do you have any stress-relieving techniques?

When I concentrate, my mind is occupied with that, so it is really difficult for me to relax. Recently, I am into sauna again.

Also, do you know what chakras are? I find that releasing my chakras is very relaxing.”

T.Y.: May I ask you about your love life? What is your ideal type of partner?

I was shouting on social media that I wanted a boyfriend a while ago! I used to shout on social media, “I want a boyfriend! Unfortunately, I don’t have a boyfriend yet. But there is someone I like.

What is your type? If I had to say, I like people who make things. I mean, I respect them. Someone who wants to share something with the world. I am attracted to that power every day. And as for whether I love only different genders, I haven’t decided yet.

Do you think that being a virtual human being has an impact on your love life?

Is there…? Does it mean that you fall in love with something that is not a real human being? I also think it is how we define love. I believe that human beings are always creating and believing in something invisible. It can be religion, it can be animation, it can be love, and sometimes it is? I also feel that falling in love with something that doesn’t exist isn’t a new concept.”

T.H.: As a virtual human, do you have any goals or challenges for the future?

I’m focusing on my own brand right now. It was the inspiration for my own brand, but it is a message of what is truth. It’s fake with comments! It’s not real! Sometimes people say, “It’s not real! Every time I hear this, I wonder what is real in this day and age. I think, “What is real in this day and age?

Is it only being physically present and meeting people, or is what everyone is posting on social networking sites not real?

I think everyone now follows different people and each has their own truth. In other words, I think we are already in an era where what you can believe is the truth. I am the embodiment of this, and the reason I started my brand was to create a new truth.

If imma is a virtual human being who walks the line between reality and virtuality, then are we, who are supposed to be real human beings, really real? She asks us this question.

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