Living together with a popular playwright on the premise of marriage, attending a nursing care training college… Is she fully recovered? Noripi’s “national smile” is too much. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Living together with a popular playwright on the premise of marriage, attending a nursing care training college… Is she fully recovered? Noripi’s “national smile” is too much.

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Sakai (right) coming out of the house where she lives with Shinji Nojima and when she was said to be about to get married (left)

Noriko Sakai (52), nicknamed “Nori-pea” and one of the top idols of the 1980s, opened a new channel on Nico Nico Channel Plus, “Noriko Sakai’s Official Channel ‘Nori-nico! On July 4, she held a press conference in Tokyo,

She said, “I named this channel with the hope that everyone will watch this broadcast and think, ‘Oh, that was fun,’ or ‘I’ll do my best tomorrow. I hope we can create a positive program that will give you energy for tomorrow.

He also expressed his aspirations. She also announced that Victor Entertainment will release “Premium Best” (3 CD set), a best album produced by her to commemorate the 35th anniversary of her debut. The album will also include new songs, and a live concert for Nico Nico Channel members only will be held in October.

In 1998, when she was at the height of her popularity, she married a man who was a professional surfer, had a son, and became a mother, but her popularity did not wane. She steadily worked her way up to become a nationally known actress, appearing in films promoting the jury system, but in 2009, she was arrested for violating the Methamphetamine Control Law.

After receiving a suspended sentence, she tried her hand at nursing care work and continued her steady talent activities, but it was quite difficult to get rid of her unfavorable image. I have the impression that she is finally making a fresh start.

FRIDAY” has been focusing on Sakai since her idol days: her appointment as the general manager of a racing team at the age of 20, her love affair with a popular writer that ended just before her marriage, her first steps as a caregiver after being released on bail following her arrest…we want to show you Sakai’s “national smile” in treasured photos. In the following pages, we would like to introduce the “national smile” of Sakai in these treasured photos.

Noripi buys his cigarettes and juice. She even lived together with a popular scriptwriter on the premise of marriage…

The 1993 drama “Under One Roof” (Fuji TV) made Noriko Sakai a popular actress. Their relationship was discovered in the fall of the same year.

At the time, Mr. Nojima was known to be quite the playboy. Mr. Nojima liked Sakai at first sight and offered to have an interview with her. Sakai immediately began living with Mr. Nojima in his apartment, taking care of his personal belongings and being devoted to him” (executive at a major entertainment agency).

It was in July 1994 that this magazine scooped the scene of their cohabitation. Sakai, who lived in a luxury apartment with Mr. Nojima, left the apartment wearing a cap, T-shirt, shorts, and sandals in a casual style, going to a vending machine to buy cigarettes and juice for Mr. Nojima, as if she were a newlywed wife.

Their relationship continued, and at the production announcement press conference for “Under One Roof 2” (Fuji TV) in March ’97,

The script was written by Shinji Nojima.

I’m sorry, please don’t ask that question. I’m sorry. Please don’t ask me that question. At the time, it was said that this drama would be his last as a bachelor, and when asked if he wanted to have children after marriage, Sakai answered, “Yes. When asked if she wanted children after marriage, Sakai replied, “Children?

When asked if she wanted children after marriage, Sakai replied, “Children? Well, it would be nice if they came out of nowhere, but I don’t want to have children by myself…,” she said.

She also expressed her views on marriage, saying, “Well, it would be nice if it came out of nowhere, but I don’t want to give birth myself…. However, she broke their marriage promise because of her distrust of Mr. Nojima. The following year, she married a surfer.

In September, Noripi will star in a stage production of “Goryon-san: Oyako Sanjyo Sanjyo Mama Kigyo” (Mitsukoshi Theater), in which she played the role of Kazuko Todo, the mother of Nakasu’s Kazuko Todo. Will she make a full comeback this time?

The Dreaming Theater pavilion at the World Design Expo presented a musical based on Noripee’s original idea (August 4, 1989 issue).
Sakai was the general manager of the Noripee House Racing Team (June 19, 1992 issue).
Shinji Nojima, a scriptwriter who lived together on the premise of marriage, and Sakai (Aug. 19 and 26, 1994 issue)
Sakai at a press conference announcing the production of “Under One Roof 2” (Fuji Television Network) (March 14, 1997 issue)
Sakai, who is very popular in China during Chinese Premier Li Peng’s visit to Japan, was invited to a dinner party at the prime minister’s residence (Interview with a representative of the Japan Magazine Publishers Association, November 28, 1997 issue).
At the opening day greeting for the movie “SS-SS” (Feb. 1, ’08 issue)
Sakai returns home after the second half of his sentence of one year and six months in prison with a three-year suspended sentence (November 27, ’09 issue)
Sakai’s first day of school at Creation Academy University, where he enrolled to study nursing care (December 11, 2009 issue).
Sakai cheering for her son at his field day (June 18, 2010 issue)
Sakai with actor/director Ayumi Saito at the end of a performance (May 31, 2001 issue)
Sakai at the stage launch (October 27, 2005 issue)
This magazine closely followed the YouTube filming (May 1, ’21 issue)
The program “Noriko Sakai Official Channel ‘Nori-Nikkotsu'” was launched on Nico Nico Channel Plus on July 4, 2009. and held a press conference in Tokyo on July 4.
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