Why the “major media” has not reported on the mysterious death of Seiji Kihara’s wife’s ex-husband, a case that even Hiroyuki, a former co-star of Kihara’s, is closely watching. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why the “major media” has not reported on the mysterious death of Seiji Kihara’s wife’s ex-husband, a case that even Hiroyuki, a former co-star of Kihara’s, is closely watching.

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Influencer Hiroyuki mentions the “ex-husband incident” regarding the wife of Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Seiji Kihara

Hiroyuki Nishimura, aka “Hiroyuki,” former administrator of 2channel, updated his Twitter page on July 22. He quoted an article about the suspicious death of the ex-husband of Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Seiji Kihara’s wife, and the family held a press conference calling for a reopening of the investigation, and then raised a question.

《Husband died with a knife stuck in his throat and lungs. The knife is placed neatly at his feet.

The husband’s father rushed to the scene in the middle of the night, found the body, and reported it. Investigators rushed to the scene to examine the body.

Meanwhile, the wife, who had been in the room one meter away from the body the whole time, did not report the incident and kept quiet. The wife does not take the body. Is this Conan’s cue?

In 2006, his father found Taneo Yasuda (28 years old) lying in a pool of blood at his home in Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

At a press conference on January 20, Taneo’s father said

My son was covered in blood and lying on the floor with his eyes wide open. Blood was splattered to the ceiling, and a long, thin knife was placed neatly 20 to 30 cm away from his right thigh. The police at the time concluded that “there was no evidence of foul play, and that it was probably a suicide. The police at the time concluded that there was no case, and that it was probably a suicide.

But Taneo’s wounds reached from his throat to his lungs. How is it possible that he stabbed himself like that and then placed the knife neatly at his feet before he died?

In 2006, the Investigation Department suspected that Taneo had been killed by another person and began to investigate again, but for some reason, in December of the same year, the Investigation Department was suddenly disbanded. According to Bunshun, Kihara’s wife told a man with whom she was intimate that she had killed Taneo, but the police never arrested her.

The Weekly Bunshun has been running features on the case for over a month, from Kihara’s alleged mistress to the mysterious death of his wife’s husband, and things appear to have moved on significantly with the press conference given by Tanedo’s father. However, almost none of the major TV stations or newspapers are willing to handle this story.

Perhaps they are not reporting the story because Mr. Kihara’s wife is a civilian, but I think they are afraid of Mr. Kihara, who is at the center of the administration. Mr. Kihara is a graduate of the University of Tokyo’s law department and a former finance bureaucrat, a close confidant of Prime Minister Kishida. He is said to be completely manipulating Prime Minister Kishida behind the scenes. Mr. Kihara has said that he will file criminal charges against Bunshun, claiming that there is no basis in fact, and that he will no longer accept any interviews or off-the-record interviews. He must be very reluctant to be asked about this matter,” said a TV station official.

Kihara may have been seen at Prime Minister Kishida’s outings and press conferences, but he may not be well known to the public at large. However, the fact that influencer Hiroyuki raised questions about this matter may be significant.

Hiroyuki had an interview with Kihara on an online program called “Nikkei Tele-Todai Gaku” in November last year. At that time, when he pointed out that Prime Minister Kishida had said he would raise taxes, Kihara denied it, saying, “I have never talked about raising taxes.

Hiroyuki was surprised, but shortly after the recording, the “defense tax hike” was announced. It is unclear whether Mr. Hiroyuki was deceived or whether Mr. Kihara really did not know, but at the very least, Mr. Hiroyuki must have felt that he was told something that was not true. The scandal involving his “frenemy” has been reported and there has been so little media coverage that he may have “teased” Hiroyuki on Twitter.

According to a nationwide poll conducted by the Mainichi Shimbun on July 22-23, Kishida’s approval rating finally dropped below 30% to 28%. Within the LDP

“Kihara’s image is not good, so we have to cut him out of the Cabinet.

With the cabinet reshuffle rumored to be scheduled for early September, will Kishida be able to cut off his “alleged confidant” for the sake of his own approval rating? Or will the entire Kishida administration be cut off?

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