Who is that? There is a reason why “IMP.” can become the “second Snow Man” under Takizawa’s production. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Who is that? There is a reason why “IMP.” can become the “second Snow Man” under Takizawa’s production.

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Front row from left: Taiga Tsubaki, Taiga Suzuki, Kanade Matsui, Arata Sato, Takuya Kageyama, Shunsuke Motoi, Yuki Yokohara (from “TOBE OFFICIAL”)

On July 14, it was announced on the official YouTube live broadcast that “IMPactors,” a group within Johnny’s Jr. that left the Johnny’s office in May, will join “TOBE,” founded by Hideaki Takizawa, as a new group called “IMP.

Formed in October ’20, “IMP.” is a seven-member group consisting of Arata Sato (22), Takuya Kageyama (26), Yuki Yokohara (26), Kanade Matsui (22), Taiga Tsubaki (25), Shunsuke Moto (26), and Taiga Suzuki (25). Takizawa named the group with the meaning of “shocking the world and leaving behind a legend. However, compared to “HiHi Jets” and “Bishonen,” which had already made a number of terrestrial appearances, the group was less well known, and many responded that they had only learned of the group after the exit furore.

Ren Meguro, Snow Man, who got his big break in the drama “silent” and is praised as “Reiwa’s Kimitaku” (photo by Yusuke Kondo).

Speaking of groups for which Takizawa was the godfather, “Snow Man,” which achieved a major breakthrough, is fresh in the memory. Many fans are surprised by the group’s current success, as they were said to be “the furthest away from a debut” when they were Johnny’s Jr.

Snow Man” was not very flamboyant, but more like a group of professionals performing acrobatics. I thought they were going to focus mainly on the stage without making a major debut as a “stage group.

(TV magazine reporter) “Snow Man” is now a representative group of Johnny’s and is enjoying explosive popularity. Takizawa’s overwhelming producing ability is said to be behind their transformation.

When “Snow Man” debuted, Tackey’s main focus was to create characters for the nine members. In the entertainment industry, individuality is vital. For example For example, Shota Watanabe (30) is a good-looking guy with a salty face and can sing, and he was reasonably popular when he was a member of Johnny’s Jr.

Therefore, Tackey promoted him as a “beauty boy” character and had him appear in many fashion magazines and variety shows to increase his visibility. Thanks to his efforts, the “beauty boy” character has become widespread. Daisuke Sakuma (31) has always worn his hair pink, reportedly because he took advantage of Tackey’s advice that it would be easier for people to remember him.

Hideaki Takizawa was expected to be the successor to Janie Kitagawa. He is a skilled producer (photo by Keisuke Nishi).

Snow Man” attracted attention as a group because of their individual characters. Will “IMP.”, their immediate junior member who has performed with them on stage, follow in their footsteps?

The problem is that “IMP.” does not have a clear character yet, but if we dig deeper, we can see the individuality of each member, such as the absolutely gorgeous ace, Arata Sato, and the cute, cheeky boy, Kanade Matsui. Above all, it is encouraging that the purchasing power of the fans is so high, reminiscent of “Snow Man” during their Jr. days.

The last live concert of Johnny’s was “Tozai Johnny’s Jr. Spring Paradise” held at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in May of this year, with a total of seven performances over four days. Tickets for the final performance were priced at 300,000-600,000 yen, and front-row tickets were sold for over 1,000,000 yen.

On Twitter, fans were excited by the hashtag “#IMP welcome back,” while the general public was perplexed by the question, “Who is that? (A TV magazine journalist mentioned above). Tackey’s production skills are indispensable in bridging the gap between the two groups. Will the legend of Snow Man’s success be repeated?

  • PHOTO. Yusuke Kondo Keisuke Nishi

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