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Haruka Ayase and Satomi Ishihara’s “New Corona Infection” Announcement: Behind the Scenes in the Entertainment Industry

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Haruka Ayase announced that she has been hospitalized with a new coronavirus, and we are waiting for her to recover as soon as possible…

It has been revealed that popular actress Haruka Ayase has been infected with the new coronavirus.

According to her agency, she had a slight fever on the night of August 20th and tested negative for the antigen. The next day, she underwent a PCR test just to be sure, but it was also negative. After that, the fever didn’t stop, so he took the antigen test again, which was negative, and finally tested positive for the new type of corona when he came back on August 26.

Ayase had been recuperating at home for a while, but she was admitted to a hospital in Tokyo because she showed symptoms of pneumonia. Tests revealed “white shadows in her lungs,” and she was judged to have moderate corona.

Fortunately, she is now on the road to recovery, but it is frightening to think what would have happened if she had believed the negative test and done nothing. Ayase had a lot of work to do this summer, so she was planning to have the vaccination in September.

Ayase received a lot of heartless comments on the Internet.

It has been reported every day that Ayase’s condition suddenly changed and she died because she could not be hospitalized even though she was recovering at home. The TV personality Makoto Nonomura, who was recently discharged from the hospital, was refused emergency transport twice, and although he was eventually admitted to the hospital, it is said that he was on the verge of death. On the Internet

《Since she’s a famous actress, she was able to be hospitalized right away.
《It’s not fair. It’s the same life.

The Internet was flooded with opinions such as “It’s not fair. A reporter from a sports newspaper was indignant about this.

“I understand that the public is on edge. I understand that the public is on edge, but the medical environment differs depending on where you live. It’s not the right thing to do. It is not Ms. Ayase who should be hated, but the national government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for underestimating the availability of hospital beds, and the government for suddenly changing the policy to home treatment.

On the other hand, there is another “worrisome” point in the series of reports about Ayase.

In the end, her office announced the news, but before that, Shogakukan’s website “News Post Seven” (Josei Seven) had caught wind of the story and published an article about it. In a similar case, Satomi Ishihara, who was diagnosed with a new type of corona infection in February of this year, was also diagnosed. She belongs to the same company as Ayase, Horipro, and her infection came to light when Josei Seven inquired about it.

“In other words, if Seven hadn’t confirmed it, there was a possibility that it wouldn’t have come to light. It seems that Ayase’s case was also inquired about, and the announcement was hurriedly made before the magazine’s release date.

There is no rule that says just because you are a celebrity, you have to announce your infection. (Wide show insider) There is no rule that says you have to announce your infection just because you are a celebrity, and some celebrities and agencies report after the fact that they were actually infected.

“Both Ms. Ayase and Mr. Ishihara are extremely successful, and if the corona infection is revealed, it will affect dramas, movies, commercials, and many other fields. If the coronary infection were to be revealed, it would affect dramas, movies, commercials, and many other areas, and the offices of their co-stars might be scared off.

The industry’s unique “constraints” also have an impact. When Ishihara’s infection was reported in Josei Seven, it was just before the start of the April drama series “Love is DEEP” (NTV). At that time, the information about the TV program had not been released, and there was a risk that if Ishihara’s infection was announced, the information about the TV drama would be leaked to the world.

“TV stations set a strict date and time for the release of information. Although this is a different story from corona, an actor once inadvertently spilled information about a drama before the ban was lifted in front of the media, and later he and the president of his agency went to the TV station with a gift certificate to apologize.

Similarly, Ayase was preparing to shoot a film in September to commemorate Toei’s 70th anniversary. According to a movie insider, the film stars Takuya Kimura as Nobunaga Oda.

“I’ve heard that Ayase might be cast in the movie. It’s a blockbuster film commemorating Toei’s 70th anniversary, so the promotional costs will be out of this world. A part of the story was reported in a weekly magazine, but no official announcement has been made yet. I think Ayase’s side didn’t want the corona infection to reveal her next job.

This is a special situation because she is a successful actress. I would like her to put that aside for the time being and rest her body well for now and beat the corona.

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