Summer dramas with a low viewer rating of 5-6% show surprisingly strong performances… Sairi Ito and Nana Mori have a distinctly different reason for the low viewer rating. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Summer dramas with a low viewer rating of 5-6% show surprisingly strong performances… Sairi Ito and Nana Mori have a distinctly different reason for the low viewer rating.

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Ito smiles with Yuji Oda in the background as they shoot “Sicko

The summer dramas have all come out. Most of them, ……, have recorded viewer ratings in the 5-6% range from the first episode. There is nothing but anxiety already.

Among them, there is one drama that is doing surprisingly well. Sairi Ito (29) stars in the work drama “Shikkou! ~(TV Asahi, hereafter “Shikkou”), a work drama starring Sari Ito (29).

This season, only “VIVANT” (TBS), starring Masato Sakai, and “Hayabusa Fire Brigade” (TV Asahi), starring Rinya Nakamura, have recorded double-digit viewer ratings in their first seasons. The former is a Sunday theater that easily grows in viewer ratings, and the latter is a natural result considering that it is based on the popular Jun Ikeido novel.

However, “Sikkou” does not particularly have such a boosting factor. It is thought that the good results are purely due to the carefully crafted and interesting story and the good acting of the actors who appear in the film” (TV magazine editor).

In fact, there is a certain actress who is being compared to the well performing Sairi Ito and lamented, “Why did you choose this drama ……? It is Nana Mori (21), who is also starring in this season’s drama.

Why did you choose this drama?”

Mori taking a break with a parasol during the filming of “Cinderella in Midsummer.

Mori plays a young woman who works in Shonan in “Cinderella of Manatsu,” Fuji Television’s first romantic Gekkan 9 series in a long time. Many other young actors also appear in the film, which apparently depicts a love story between about eight men and women.

So far, the show has not received very high ratings, saying, “It’s like a trendy drama from the Showa period. The ratings are also suffering, falling to 5.4% in the second episode. But that’s okay. I understand that this is an attempt to revive the “romantic Gekkan 9” series, but what is unfortunate is why Nana Mori chose this series.

If you think about it dispassionately, she was not originally intended to be an actor in this kind of trendy line. Although there was the office transfer fiasco, from the time of her debut, she had high acting ability and a unique view of the world that one would not expect from a teenager. She herself professed to be a big fan of Yuji Sakamoto, known for his scripts for “Woman” (NTV) and “Quartet” (TBS), and I naturally thought she would go down that cultural route. ……” (interview writer)

However, her choice was, contrary to expectations, a trendy and trendy love story. Another interview writer also said the following.

She played the leading role in a commercial drama for the first time in “Kono Koi Atarimasu ka” (TBS) in 2008, but I was surprised that it was a trendy love story. She had just begun to establish herself as a cultural actor with her performance in NHK’s morning drama “Yale” (’20) and her voice acting in the movie “Weather Child” (’19), both of which were well received. ……

This season, however, a drama by Sairi Ito, a rather similar type of cultural actor, has been a hit, which makes Mori’s choice of work even more regrettable. Ito has not gone down the wrong path since her breakthrough, and has been committed to choosing work that allows her personality to live on. I have the impression that this has been a good thing. Ms. Mori is still young, only 21 years old. I hope that in the future she will continue to choose work that only she can do.

So, the right person in the right place is important, after all. In any case, we wish both Mori and Ito the best of luck.

  • Interview and text by Nanako

    Born in Ehime Prefecture. After working at a broadcasting station, she became a freelance writer. She specializes in interviews with celebrities and analysis of popular events, and is always checking out serial dramas and popular Japanese movies. She is a well-known beautiful writer in the magazine industry.

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