Congratulations” to Ken Watanabe, who is desperate to regain his image… “Manly episodes” of his ex-wife, Kaho Minami, who raised his stock. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Congratulations” to Ken Watanabe, who is desperate to regain his image… “Manly episodes” of his ex-wife, Kaho Minami, who raised his stock.

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Kaho Minami smiles in direct response to this magazine after announcing her divorce from Ken Watanabe (June 8, ’18 issue).

On June 30, Ken Watanabe (63) announced his second marriage in a letter sent to the press. He is with a civilian woman 21 years younger than him whom he met in ’13 and had been dating since ’14. The two are already living together in Karuizawa, Nagano, where Watanabe has moved.

At the beginning of their relationship, Watanabe had a wife, Kaho Minami (59), and Minami was battling breast cancer when the affair was revealed in a report in Shukan Bunshun. When Watanabe held an apology press conference, he said, “I have to accept whatever comes my way,” but he came under intensive fire.

The divorce was finalized in 2006, but the image of the “World Watanabe” was inevitably tarnished, and his work in Japan declined sharply. The reason he remarried five years later was probably because he was waiting for the impression of his “infidelity” to fade as much as possible.

Six days after the announcement of her remarriage, Watanabe’s daughter, Anne (37), updated her Instagram page and posted a two-shot photo of Anne in a formal pure white dress and Watanabe in a white suit in Florence, Italy. The photo was taken by a Japanese actress, Watanabe, who was visiting Anzu. Watanabe also appeared on the program because he was visiting Anne, and it became a topic of conversation as “the first father-daughter collaboration on a commercial TV program. The Internet was abuzz about this,

It looks like they’re just taking advantage of the daughter.

Watanabe looks great on TV and in movies, but the way she lives her life is …….

For Watanabe, this father-daughter collaboration is a great opportunity for her. It seems that this father-daughter collaboration was not a positive experience for Watanabe. To make matters worse, on the same day she announced her second marriage, Minami appeared at a public dress rehearsal and press conference for the play “This much we know” in which she is appearing in Tokyo. Asked about Watanabe, she said,

She replied, “For me, it’s a season that has passed. First of all, congratulations!

He answered the question with a smile and said, “I’m very happy for you. She answered the question with a smile,

Is this okay? Here.

He showed his concern for the interviewers.

This response was highly praised on the Internet!

It looks like she can do it, but it’s not easy to do.

It’s the result of an actress’s pride.

It was a great way for her to raise her stock in the company. This brings to mind Minami’s divorce from her ex-husband, writer Hitonari Tsuji (59), who entered the marriage in March 1995 and had two children together, but they separated in 1999. They announced their divorce on March 30, 2000, but FRIDAY had interviewed Tsuji and Minami a month earlier.

In response to her husband’s denial of divorce, Minami said, “I was prepared for this before we got married.”

This magazine caught wind of the fact that the two were living separately on the premise of divorce,

Tsuji recently told someone close to her, ‘We’ve been very busy, and our lives have been straddling each other. I heard that she has told someone close to her that they might get divorced.

This was the source of the information. This magazine directly contacted Minami.

The magazine directly asked Minami: “…No, I don’t think so. (Where did the rumor come from?

At first he denied it, but when we told him that Tsuji had told people around him,

Novelists are often strange people,” Tsuji said. He is the kind of person who goes to New York by himself for a year. I don’t mind being alone in my room with my editor, and I was prepared for that before we got married.

I was prepared for that before we got married. When asked if there would be a divorce, he smiled and replied, “…I can assure you that there will be no divorce.

I have to say no,” he replied. But I guess that’s what you said in your interview, so you can write about it if you want.

The magazine was convinced that they were divorcing because of her very open response. The magazine was convinced of the divorce because of Minami’s unreserved response,

I told Tsuji what Minami had said, and he choked up for a moment, “Did my wife really say that?

She choked up for a moment, but stubbornly denied that they were divorcing.

In an interview last June, Minami was asked about her two divorces after undergoing breast cancer surgery in her 50s.

Of course, at the beginning of the difficult time, I stopped thinking and feeling, and there were times when I was deeply depressed. But as the pain fades away, the more you go through the experience, the more you forget about it. I guess I also got better at forgetting as I gained more experience (laugh).

In May of this year, she updated her Instagram page and announced that she would be starring in “When Buckwheat Blossoms Bloom,” a movie from South Korea, where she has her roots. She showed off her chimachogori outfit,

She wrote, “You never know what will happen in life. I am sure that the answer I was looking for is waiting for me after I get through the hard times!

she wrote. Perhaps Watanabe should learn a little from Minami’s self-production skills.

Minami is separated from her ex-husband, Hitonari Tsuji. Directly after this, we made a direct interview (Mar. 3, ’00 issue).
Ken Watanabe at an apology press conference for adultery in July ’17.
Minami in a chimachogori in the movie “When Soba Flowers Bloom” in which she starred (from Minami’s Instagram @kaho_minami).
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