Johnny’s announces press conference even though “date and time undecided” behind the UN intervention and “impatience” with Tackey’s “new agency. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s announces press conference even though “date and time undecided” behind the UN intervention and “impatience” with Tackey’s “new agency.

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President Keiko Fujishima Julie (left) announces that she will hold a press conference and Takizawa (right), who has established a new independent agency.

Will it be a comeback?

On July 18, the Johnny’s office updated its official website to report on the current status of the investigation by a third-party “special team of outside experts to prevent recurrence” of the sexual assault by the late Johnny Kitagawa, and announced that it “plans to hold a press conference” to discuss future measures.

According to the report, the team recently announced

According to the report, the team recently informed us that it will open a “dedicated contact point” for the purpose of providing information to the team in order to further deepen the content of the investigation.

The team explained.

“Information on Sexual Assault by the Late Mr. Janie Kitagawa.”

“We have opened a dedicated contact point to provide information on sexual assault within Johnny’s

The company announced that it would open a dedicated window to provide “information on sexual misconduct by the late Johnny Kitagawa” and “information on sexual misconduct within the Johnny’s Office,” and that it would begin operating from this day.

He also announced that a press conference would be held. As for the details

We will inform you of the details as soon as they are determined. We ask that you please wait for a while.

He also called for a press conference.

The Johnny’s office must have “moved” to break through the current situation in which victims are coming forward one after another, but it seems that they are more impatient than ever. It is not particularly surprising that the special team for preventing recurrence would hold a press conference, as this is a standard practice.

Rather, the fact that they made the announcement without setting a date and time for the press conference raises questions.

The environment surrounding Johnny’s continues to deteriorate. Even the commercial companies have begun to show reluctance to use Johnny’s talents.

It was a complete miscalculation on the part of the agency, which had been waiting for Arashi to leave, and they must have thought that if they did not take action at an early stage, it would be irreversible.

Some media reported that Takuya Kimura’s commercial offers had been scrapped due to a series of problems.

Even more deadly was the fact that musician Yoshiji Hattori, 78, the second son of Ryoichi Hattori, a National Honor Award-winning composer who created numerous Showa-era songs such as “Tokyo Boogie Woogie” and “Ginza Can Can Musume,” came out and said that he was sexually abused by Janey when he was eight years old.

In Nikkan Gendai, Yoshitsugu revealed his shocking experience of being subjected to oral sex by Mr. Janey when he was in the second grade of elementary school.

If Yoshitsugu’s confession is true, it means that Mr. Janney has been sexually assaulting his children for more than 70 years. Moreover, the other party was eight years old. This was before the establishment of Johnny’s, but the public has been turned off by the contents, which are so out of line with the past,” said a source from a TV station.

In addition, from July 24 to August 4, UN experts are scheduled to meet with victims of Mr. Janney’s sexual assault in the name of “human rights. This is no longer just a domestic issue.

Against this backdrop, a press conference was announced by the Johnny’s office. The fact that there are two newly established “dedicated contact points” for providing information suggests the extent of their determination to “get the pus out of the situation.

This time, the scope was expanded to include not only Mr. Johnny’s, but also “information on sexual misconduct within the Johnny’s office. The Weekly Bunshun reported that a male manager had also been involved in sexual assault in the past.

The expansion of the investigation to include “sexual misconduct within Johnny’s” could be a double-edged sword for the Johnny’s office. There is a possibility that a “second Mr. Janney” will be found. On the other hand, the fact that they are launching the investigation knowing this shows how serious they are about the matter.

TOBE,” headed by Hideaki Takizawa, who retired from Johnny’s, has been on the rampage. Former V6 member Ken Miyake, followed by former “King & Prince” members Shiyoh Hirano and Yuta Jinguji, who just quit Johnny’s in May, joined the group, and on the 14th, the seven-member group “IMPACTors” changed its name to “IMP.

Johnny’s was outpaced by TOBE, but will they be able to redeem themselves at the press conference?

  • PHOTO. Makoto Kuwata (Takizawa)

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