He is also a topic of conversation in his first election campaign run! Yuki Goto showed “a great aura of private shots” at a campsite in Toyosu | FRIDAY DIGITAL

He is also a topic of conversation in his first election campaign run! Yuki Goto showed “a great aura of private shots” at a campsite in Toyosu

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Goto showed up at a campground in Toyosu. Even in private, he had an outstanding aura.

I’m still working hard in Yachimachi City to meet new challenges, but I will continue to take on new challenges!

Yuki Goto, 37, the younger brother of Gomaki and former member of the idol group “EE JUMP,” posted the following on his SNS on his birthday, July 10. He posted the following on his social networking site on his birthday on July 10: “New challenge” refers to the Yachimata City Council election in Chiba Prefecture, where he has decided to run for the city council.

On July 7, Goto announced his candidacy for the Yachimata City Council election. She moved to the city four years ago. She has long raised issues related to child-rearing and is expected to appeal to voters in the election for solutions to problems that affect their daily lives.

Two weeks before this post, on June 25, she fought Sosuke Takaoka (41) in a kickboxing match at the martial arts event “KYOKEN 23. Although it had been a year and a half since he had tried martial arts, he used his outstanding sense to his advantage throughout the match and won without incident. After the match, he regrettably announced his retirement from martial arts.

Goto has been sought after in various places, from the martial arts world to local politics. At the end of June, Goto was seen at a glamping facility in Toyosu. With temperatures reaching as high as 33 degrees Celsius, Goto’s long T-shirt alone was eye-catching, and his sunglasses and full aura made him stand out, whether he wanted to or not. Goto arrived at the venue in the evening and was reunited with friends who had competed with him in the “Breaking Down” event. They spent a pleasant time together until the evening.

At the press conference, he said, “I have been indebted to many people in the many challenges I have taken on. I hope to repay them by making some kind of contribution to the citizens of Yachimachi. In the past, I was a maverick and sometimes made mistakes.

That is why I am always grateful to my current colleagues who accept me knowing that and to the people around me who support me. He is eager to take on new challenges in addition to his participation in local politics. There may be another announcement soon,” said an acquaintance of Goto’s.

The Yachimata City Council election will be held on August 27. How will the first election campaign of a man who never stops moving forward turn out? ……

Yuki Goto Shown at Campsite in Toyosu, Japan
Yuki Goto Shown at a Campsite in Toyosu
Yuki Goto’s Outstanding Aura in Private Clothes Shots at a Campsite in Toyosu.
[Image] Yuki Goto shows off her aura in her casual clothes at a campsite in Toyosu.
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