Why the “marriage battle” between Haruka Ayase and Kyoko Fukada, the “Three Sisters of Horipro,” is expected to focus on September this year. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why the “marriage battle” between Haruka Ayase and Kyoko Fukada, the “Three Sisters of Horipro,” is expected to focus on September this year.

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Kyoko Fukada and Haruka Ayase

With a number of junior staff members of the major entertainment agency “HORIPRO,” Haruka Ayase (38) and Kyoko Fukada (40) have started to attract attention as to when they will get married. They are the company’s signature actresses, and are known as the “three sisters of HORIPRO.” Because of this, the timing of the “X-Day,” when there is likely to be a big move in their personal lives, has become a hot topic in the entertainment world.

On May 15, Bunshun Online reported that Ruriko Kojima left the company in February and married a company executive in March. Rika Adachi, who is in the same position as the three sisters, married TATSU of the sign language performer unit “HANDSIGN” on June 26, and Ishihara, one of the three sisters, also announced her marriage to a man in October 2008, So the future of Ayase and Fukada, who are both in their 40s, is attracting a lot of attention.

Let’s start with Ayase. In 2010, “FRIDAY” caught her dating Osawa Takao. In 2003, some sports newspapers reported allegations of a heated love affair with Momori Matsuzaka, but both denied the allegations. Since then, there have been few clear reports of a love affair.

In July 2008, a women’s magazine reported allegations of a love affair with Korean actor Noh Min-woo, but Ayase herself completely denied the allegations at an event immediately afterward, saying, “Not at all. She has been very busy as a nationally known actress in recent years, and she may not have the time to casually fall in love.

The two became friends after co-starring in the movie “Real: The Day of the Perfect Dragon,” which was released in June 2001. In May of the same year, on “Shabekuri 007” (NTV), MC Shinya Ueda asked them about the possibility of dating, and neither of them denied it.

In November 2009, “FRIDAY” reported that Ayase and Sato were “more than friends” when they took the bullet train back to Tokyo after filming a special New Year’s episode of “The Mother-in-law and Her Daughter’s Blues” (TBS), a drama series in which they co-star. The report said that Ayase and Sato were more than friends and that they were getting along well on the bullet train back to Tokyo after filming a New Year’s special. However, at this point, there is no clear information about further developments.

Fukada, on the other hand, was romantically involved with Hiroyuki Sugimoto, 46, chairman of Sheila Technologies, a real estate company, in January ’19. They seemed on the verge of marriage, but Fukada took a three-month leave of absence from May 2009 to undergo treatment for an adjustment disorder. In May of last year, a big fight with Mr. Sugimoto was reported in “Josei Seven” and rumors of a breakup also surfaced.

However, in March of this year, Sheila Inc. was listed on NASDAQ, and Fukada, who owns shares in Sheila Inc. In May, “FRIDAY” reported that Fukada, wearing a diamond ring on her left ring finger, was on a date with Sugimoto at a sake event in Tokyo. While there is a growing momentum for the couple to enter a marriage, some believe that they will continue their de facto marriage, and their movements are being closely monitored.

(A senior entertainment industry executive) Under these circumstances, the fact that their schedules coincide at a time when it would not be surprising if they had a “surprise” in their private lives is attracting attention.

Ayase has just completed a major project, teaming up with Takuya Kimura in “THE LEGEND & BUTTERFLY,” a Toei 70th anniversary movie released this January, and “Revolver Lily,” in which she plays a former female spy, is scheduled to be released on August 11. Although he has been working on a series of major films in a short period of time, as of mid-July, no other major projects have been announced. It is expected that she will be able to catch her breath in September after the release of the film.

Fukada resumed her acting career in earnest with the Amazon original drama “A2Z,” which began distribution in February of this year. She is also making a comeback in consecutive dramas for the first time in three years with “18/40 ~Futari nanara yume mo koi mo~” (TBS) in the July season, in which she will double-star with Haruka Fukuhara.

The drama will end in September. Fukada, who has not starred in a drama series for a long time, will be able to enjoy a sense of freedom in September, the same month as Ayase. Chairman Sugimoto is said to be trying to put his personal life in order after taking Sheila Inc. public. Ayase has also finished her major work, and at this time when her acting career has been settled down for a while, it is possible that she will have a super surprise with her “partner” with whom she had been in a secret love affair. Is it Sato or an unknown person? The fact that junior members have become happy one after another has also encouraged people to focus on the possibility that the two will make a move in “September. Since they are of the same generation, it is inevitable that it will be seen as a goal line battle.

Who will “make the first move”? As the weather begins to cool down this fall, there may be some hot action.

Ayase and Takeru Sato returned to Tokyo on good terms at Shinagawa Station. Marriage Theories for the End of 2010
Ayase leaving a restaurant after a yakiniku date with Noh Min-woo in March ’19.
It was a year and four months later that “Josei Seven” reported on Noh Min-woo and Ayase’s relationship.
Fukada and Sugimoto at a sake-related event held at Roppongi Hills in May this year.
Fukada and Sugimoto met at a members-only bar and hit it off. They are said to have been dating since 18
Fuk Kyung Fukada picking up a friend after a sake event. On her left ring finger is a ring…
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