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NHK’s “No Cut” Broadcast and “Sympathy” for Ryoko Hirosue’s Return to Entertainment

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Ryoko Hirosue is on indefinite hiatus due to the affair.

A month has passed since the revelation of Ryoko Hirosue’s affair. Although the affair was full of details, including leaked love letters and exchange diaries, many people in the industry thought that the turmoil would not last very long due to the recent public outcry against “adultery reports.

However, the men unexpectedly engaged in a war of tongues, which in turn drew even more public attention.

In particular, Chef Shusaku Toba’s emotionally charged remarks caused a stir and slowed the calming of the uproar.

In the midst of all this, Hirosue, the protagonist of the uproar, has remained silent.

She has not made any significant move since the “Shukan Bunshun” reported that she made a direct phone call to him. It is believed that she is still in talks with her husband, Candle Jun, but her whereabouts are still unknown.

(Women’s magazine reporter) Several magazines have tried to contact Hirosue directly, but none have succeeded yet.

And, despite all the criticism she has been receiving, recently she has been receiving an increasing number of defensive comments.

She has been accused of having a love letter and an exchange diary, but these were not on LINE, and her husband has been holding an unusual press conference. And when her husband held an unprecedented press conference and revealed his anger at the other man, the other man angrily shot him down.

People of culture are not usually interested in the affairs of celebrities, but this time there were some people who expressed their views. But this time, some people have come out to express their opinions, and most of them are defenders of Ms. Hirosue.

The reason for this lies in the coloration of this affair. As a result, the image of the affair has shifted away from that of a flirtation or a flirtation with fire. To put it simply, it is because “pure love” is strongly perceived.

The “love letters” are also romantic in some way,

The “love letters” also have a romantic feel to them, and “the sheathing between men,” a development that could be seen in French films, may have attracted public interest, but on the other hand, it makes the film seem less realistic and makes people want to root for the heroine, as if they were watching a movie. In fact, as is the case in France, overseas, it is rare for unrelated citizens to denounce a star or celebrity who has had an affair, and there is no social penalty imposed on them for having an affair.

It is not Mr. Junichi Ishida, but it is a cultural difference. I have my doubts about the Japanese entertainment industry, where adultery results in ‘indefinite suspension.

A drama producer at a key station says that the “indefinite suspension” may be lifted sooner than expected because of the supportive firefighting that has begun.

As has been the case in the past, people get bored with reports of infidelity after a certain period of time. It will be tough for actresses like Erika Karada who have not established their position, but with actresses like Hirosue, there are many directors and producers who say, “It has to be her.

There are many Hirosue fans in the industry. Some people think that Ms. Hirosue’s position will become worse because the men went out of control, and that it will delay her return, but the opposite is true. Some people not only defend her but also pity her, saying, “I feel sorry for her because she was played by those men. If more people say, “Hirosue is not to blame,” sponsors will soften their stance.

Another factor that played a role in the decision not to delete a scene from the morning drama “Ranman,” in which Hirosue appeared, was the fact that the scene had already been broadcast. The recollection of a scene that has already been aired is difficult to delete for production purposes, but a scene that had been prepared separately was also aired.

When using a celebrity who has been reported to be involved in a scandal, it is often said that “each station is looking at the other,” but commercial broadcasters often use NHK as their standard. This was the case with Higashide-san. Besides, there are overseas drama productions that are not affected at all by scandals,” said a drama production producer at a key station.

(A drama production producer at a key station).

Incidentally, Yuki Saito withdrew from a scheduled NHK historical drama after her third affair, dropped two commercials, and did not appear in the next season of “Keishicho: Chousen Ichicho” (TV Asahi), in which she appeared regularly, but six months later she returned to the drama as if nothing had happened.

We are sure that Hirosue will be back behind the screen with a big smile on her face by the time the new year rolls around.

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    Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Hiroyuki Sasaki became a reporter for FRIDAY at the age of 31, reporting numerous scoops during his time with FRIDAY and later working mainly for weekly magazines. Recently, he has been appearing on TV and radio as a commentator.

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