Robert De Niro’s grandson’s drug death brings to light the frightening reality of the “killer drug” epidemic among young people in the U.S. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Robert De Niro’s grandson’s drug death brings to light the frightening reality of the “killer drug” epidemic among young people in the U.S.

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Robert De Niro’s 19-year-old grandson died suddenly of a drug overdose. In the U.S., it is called a “killer drug.” 

Robert De Niro’s grandson, Leandro De Niro Rodriguez, 19, died suddenly of a fentanyl overdose on July 2 (local time), causing a stir. –The drug was sold to Mr. Rodriguez.

Sophia Haley Marks, a female trafficker in New York known as the “Percocet Princess” who sold drugs to Ms. Rodriguez, was arrested on July 14, and details of their graphic exchanges and the “killer drug” that is spreading among young people in the United States have emerged. The details of the exchange between the two and the “killer drug” that is spreading among young people in the U.S. have surfaced. The New York Post reports on the arrested suspect Marks’ statements and counterfeit oxycodone with fentanyl.

Rodriguez emailed Marks on June 30, asking him to buy counterfeit oxycodone, known as “Thirsties,” a blue pill with the number “30” stamped on it. Marks said the suspect asked.

I don’t want to kill you. I don’t want to kill you.

Marks advised him, “It’s not a prescription drug,”

I don’t want to give it to you because it’s not a prescription drug,” he added.


Rodriguez checked to see if the oxycodone pills were blended with “Fent or H” (fentanyl or heroin), and she agreed to sell three fentanyl-laced counterfeit oxycodone pills and two Xanax (an anti-anxiety drug) for $105, and on July 1, at approximately At approximately 9:30 p.m., she allegedly made a home delivery using a car service. She then texted him at 2:00 a.m. on July 2

“Are you okay?”

but received no reply.

Fentanyl is believed to be a “killer drug” that the trafficker himself knew could kill him.

Marks continued trafficking after Rodriguez’s death and was arrested after selling 50 painkillers to an undercover police officer for $1,000 (about $138,600). When the officers arrested Marks, he was in possession of 156 pills and $1,500 (approximately $208,000) in cash.

Sofia was arraigned in Manhattan federal court on three counts of selling drugs and was held without bail. Marks faces a maximum of 20 years on each charge and a possible total of 60 years in prison.

The fentanyl that Rodriguez overdosed on and died from is a very powerful synthetic opioid used as a painkiller, for example, in medical anesthesia. In the United States, it is mixed with heroin, cocaine, and other drugs and used illegally as a recreational drug.

Opioids are extracted from the poppy plant and have analgesic and intoxicating effects, and are said to cause coma and respiratory depression if used in the wrong amount. Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic narcotic that is a type of opioid painkiller. It is used to manage severe pain, such as pain from surgery or cancer.

Local prosecutors said.

“At least one of Marks’ counterfeit pills was purchased and taken by a teenager (Rodriguez), who later died of a suspected overdose. This arrest is extremely significant and the investigation is ongoing because Marks knew that the pills could kill, but continued to sell them anyway.”

He stated.

The NYPD also said last month that fentanyl is “probably in 98% of the drugs currently being trafficked in New York City.

“Fentanyl is now in just about everything.”

“That’s why there are so many overdose deaths,”

Rodriguez told reporters.

In any case, in order to ensure that Rodriguez’s death was not in vain, it is hoped that measures will be taken to combat drug trafficking, including a thorough search for drugs. We can only hope that this kind of “killer drug” will not become popular in Japan as well.

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