Hollywood, indeed! Arata Mackenyu accompanied by a foreigner SP, taking photos of a surprise present to a fan at the scene. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hollywood, indeed! Arata Mackenyu accompanied by a foreigner SP, taking photos of a surprise present to a fan at the scene.

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Serious Tasuku just after handing a golden necklace to a female fan.

At around 5 p.m. in early July, the sidewalk in front of the select store LHP Harajuku near JR Harajuku Station (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) was filled with young people. Arata Mackenyu (26) was performing an Instagram live at the select store, and they were now waiting for him to come out.

He was based in the U.S., but had returned to Japan in June with his wife, who is seven years older than him. On that day, he was promoting a pop-up store for INCRM, a brand he produces, at the store.

After the seven-minute live performance, the audience cheered loudly as Tasuku Serious, wearing a fashionable emerald green jacket, came out of the store, escorted by a foreign SP in black. With a big smile on his face, Kensuke also got into the pick-up car for a moment, waving his hands, but soon came out and walked up to the female fans standing right in front of the car. He then surprised one of them by handing her a gold necklace that he had in his hand.

At that moment, both the woman and the fans around her were all like, “What? What? But as soon as he handed it to her and said a few words, there was a small scream. Hey, McKeon, you’re a Hollywood star, aren’t you? (one of the audience members).

At the end, she thanked the foreign SP with a “thank you,” shook his hand, and got into the car. A few days later, Serious Tasuku left Japan with his wife, who is pregnant with their first child. He left for Hawaii, which his father, Shinichi Chiba, called his “second hometown.

Following “Saint Seiya The Beginning,” his first starring role in a Hollywood movie, which was released in April this year, he will appear as Zoro in the live-action drama version of “One Piece,” which will be distributed on Netflix at the end of August. He plans to work overseas again soon, and until then, Tasuku says he will be a devoted husband and father to his wife and unborn child. His fresh smile is likely to be reserved for his family for a while.

A gold necklace is on Serious Tasuku’s right hand as he emerges from the car.
Protected by a foreigner SP, Tasuku Serious walks towards his female fans. People in the running car were also staring at him.
Handing over the necklace and smiling as he approached

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