TOBE’s divine response to the announcement that ex-Kinpuri Hirano and Jinguji will be joining TOBE further widens the gap between the two Johnny’s offices | FRIDAY DIGITAL

TOBE’s divine response to the announcement that ex-Kinpuri Hirano and Jinguji will be joining TOBE further widens the gap between the two Johnny’s offices

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Miyake, Hirano, and Jinguji also appeared on the YouTube live on the 14th to announce the joining of “IMP.

Congratulations on finally making it to the stage.

I’m really, really happy for you.

《Takky’s speed is just too fast.

On the 14th, it was announced on the official YouTube channel of TOBE, an entertainment company headed by Hideaki Takizawa, that a new seven-member group of former Johnny’s Jr. members, IMPACTors, would be joining the group. The group’s fans, “PINKy”, flooded social networking sites with their joyful voices. The seven members, Arata Sato (22), Shunsuke Motoi (26), Taiga Suzuki (25), Takuya Kageyama (26), Kanade Matsui (22), Yuki Yokohara (26), and Taiga Tsubaki (25), will change their group name to “IMP.

TOBE” has already announced that Ken Miyake (44) and Shiyou Hirano (26) and Yuta Jinguji (25), both former members of “King & Prince,” will join the group on the 2nd and 7th, respectively. Takizawa’s brilliant direction in announcing the joining of the quitting Janis in a May rain-like fashion, as if to stir up more anticipation among fans, has been praised, but fans have also praised Takizawa for his meticulousness in dealing with fans.

Takizawa said, “At the same time as the announcement of Hirano and Jinguji’s joining on the 7th, the inauguration of the fan club was also announced. However, access by those wishing to join flooded in, and at one point there was a 720-minute wait for membership procedures. Takizawa immediately responded to Tiara’s lament, “I really wanted to join on July 7.”

Takizawa responded on Twitter on July 8, “We are still receiving requests from those who are waiting in line to join the fan club that they would like to join on July 7. We can’t make any promises, but we will do our best to accommodate you. After that, the “divine response” was announced, allowing those who had completed the admission procedure by 23:59 on the 10th to change their admission date to the 7th.

The date, July 7, is not only a commemorative day for Hirano and Jinguji’s restart, but it also has another important meaning for Tiara. In 21 years, when the five members of Kinpuri had a talk for a women’s magazine project, Hirano asked them when they would like to make a ‘King & Prince’ day. Yuta Kishi (27) immediately answered, “July 7. The reason was that the jagged part of the crown looks like a 7 reversed from a 7. All the members agreed, and July 7 has become “Kimpuri Day” among the Tiaras.

Takizawa’s tactfulness in bringing the announcement of Hirano and Jinguji’s joining together on such an important day for Tiara, and in setting the date of joining the fan club on July 7 for those who joined late, has been widely praised by fans who admire the spirit of “fans first.

However, while some are praising TOBE, others are questioning whether the original Johnny’s office really put the fans first.

The basic stance of the office has always been to ignore scandalous reports about Johnny’s talent,” said one reporter. However, when they tried to write about the founding family, they took a hard-line attitude. Among a series of articles in Bunshun criticizing Johnny’s, only the article “President Julie’s ‘cold-blooded control’ that destroyed ‘Kinpuri’ Takizawa Hideaki” was met with the response, “We are considering legal action. This has been criticized by a women’s magazine reporter as “protecting only the founding family” and “putting the founding family first.

(Women’s magazine reporter) Even the “original” Johnny’s office is in a bad shape due to a series of reports of sexual assaults. We can only hope that there will be no further differences between the “TOBE” and the “original” Johnny’s Office.

Will Hirano’s dream of expanding overseas come true?
Jinguji, who was rumored to have retired from show business at one point, has also joined the group.
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