The presence of a great father in both his personal life and dramas– Gohatsu Maeda’s resolve in the face of expectations that he will eventually play the leading role in a major TV drama | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The presence of a great father in both his personal life and dramas– Gohatsu Maeda’s resolve in the face of expectations that he will eventually play the leading role in a major TV drama

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Gohatsu Maeda plays Katsuyori, the son and heir of the hero Shingen Takeda, in the NHK historical drama “What to do about Ieyasu

Episode 26 of the NHK historical drama “Dousuru Ieyasu,” starring Jun Matsumoto, has just aired, and the final role of Katsuyori Takeda, played by Gohatsu Maeda, is attracting a great deal of interest in the hope that he will eventually play a leading role in a major historical drama.

This year’s Taiga Drama is an entertaining story about Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was born in a small country and overcame a “life or death” crisis to establish the Edo Shogunate. Katsuyori, played by Maeda, is a man of strong body and spirit who was raised strictly by his father Shingen (Hiroshi Abe) from an early age. He has also inherited his father’s talent for wits and military strategy, and has succeeded in expanding the Takeda family’s territory to its greatest extent.

However, he was betrayed by his vassals, and the comments of admiration leapt to the end of the heroic Katsuyori, who scattered his life as a single military leader.

Maeda himself said, “I thought that what I had to do was to be a great enemy to Ieyasu, so I just kept that in mind,” and “I think I played Katsuyori to the best of my ability.”

The highlight of Maeda’s Katsuyori is the battle of Shitara-hara in the 22nd episode, where the two sides face off against the allied forces of Tokugawa and Oda.

The allied forces outnumber Katsuyori’s troops. He pointed to a rainbow in the sky and said, “Nobunaga and Ieyasu are standing neck to neck in front of me. There will never be another stage like this.

My father has already spoken. I will surpass Shingen! This was Maeda Katsuyori’s greatest moment as he urged the audience to make up their minds.

For Maeda, this was his first historical drama as a Taiga actor. In playing the role of Katsuyori

“He is a man who has worked harder than anyone else around him to surpass his great father.”

I had a great father who was also an actor, so I could understand how he felt.

I had a great father who was also an actor, so I could understand how he felt.

Maeda’s father is well-known as Shinichi Chiba, one of Japan’s most famous movie actors. He passed away in 2009 at the age of 82 due to a new type of coronavirus infection. The scene in which Shingen, who has fallen ill, entrusts his future to Katsuyori is therefore very moving.

Shingen: “Is this it?
Katsuyori: “Father’s remaining thoughts. Shirou Katsuyori will accomplish it with his own body.
Shingen: “You are the supreme material into which I have poured everything I have. I will watch over you in Hades.

In the program “Family History” (NHK) broadcast on June 30, Maeda’s mother, Tamami, saw this scene,

It’s as if Mr. Chiba is talking to Atsushi Goh.

Goh Atsushi,” she muttered. I applaud NHK for casting Maeda Gōatsu to play the role of Katsuyori.

My father, Shinichi Chiba, moved to the U.S. to pursue his career in Hollywood. However, his mother returned to Japan with her two children when she was stuck in the job market. Since then, she has raised her elder brother, Arata Mackenyu, and younger brother, Goh Atsushi, by herself.

Goh Atsushi became interested in music and entered a strong brass band school in Okayama, aiming to become a saxophone player. He eventually applied to the University of the Arts, but was not accepted, and at his brother’s urging, became an actor. Mr. Chiba kept Atsushi Goh close at hand and encouraged him, saying, “If you are not prepared to surpass both me and Tasuku, quit the entertainment business immediately! If you can’t do it, quit the entertainment business right away!

In 1919, Maeda made her debut in the movie “Songs of Small Love.” She attracted attention when she appeared in the Sunday theater production “No Side Game.”

She continued to appear in high-profile productions, including the dramas “My Housekeeper Nagisa-san” (both on TBS) and “Kyobo II” (on Fuji TV). However, her father died suddenly while she was playing the role opposite the heroine Fumi Nikaido in the drama “Promise Cinderella” (TBS). However, actor Goh Atsushi Maeda has moved up a gear since then.

In particular, his role as rookie director Takuro Kishimoto in last year’s high-profile drama series “Elpis: Hope or Disaster” (Fuji TV) has left its mark on him as an actor.

In fact, the casting process for the role of Kishimoto was difficult. The director, Hitoshi Oneda, happened to see Atsushi Maeda appearing in the program “A Studio +” (TBS), and was inspired by him.

In a sudden turn of events, he cast him in the role of Kishimoto. It is said that the deciding factor was his unusual “eye power.

In the program “Family History,” a letter written by his father, Shinichi Chiba, to his son, Atsushi Go, was shown to the public for the first time on this day. The words written in the letter are as follows,

“Bite deep into your soul.”

As he muttered his father’s words to himself at the end of the program, Maeda smiled wryly. In order to surpass the great actor Shinichi Chiba, who died in the middle of his life, “Bite deep into your soul.” Go Atsushi Maeda.

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