Arms Entwined the Whole Day… JSB3 and ELLY on a Shopping Date in a Rolls-royce | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Arms Entwined the Whole Day… JSB3 and ELLY on a Shopping Date in a Rolls-royce

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With matching Crocs-like sandals.

The shopping arcade was packed with elite foreign-capital salarymen, inbound tourists, and celebrities who had come for a mid-season break during the rainy season.

Located in one of Tokyo’s most exclusive residential areas, the shopping district is also famous for its gourmet restaurants, including a popular French restaurant, an okonomiyaki restaurant frequented by celebrities, and a members-only horse meat restaurant. On holidays, the area is crowded from morning till night.

The only cars that pass by are Maseratis, Aston Martins, and other top-class luxury cars. Among them, a Rolls-Royce 2-door coupe stood out the most.

“It was characterized by its reverse opening doors, which were designed to allow women in long dresses to get in and out elegantly. It has a powerful engine displacement of over 6,000 cc and, depending on how it is customized, the price for a new car is no less than 46 million yen” (a reporter from a car magazine).

The Rolls-Royce comes to a stop in front of a café full of people. The passenger door opened and a petite woman in a white T and overalls got out.

The ladies who were relaxing on the open terrace of the cafe looked at each other and laughed, as if they thought a British lady was in the car. But when they saw the macho man who got off next, they couldn’t help but lean forward.

‘I’m pretty sure that’s him!’

He started searching on his phone, “See! ” they cheered loudly.

The man who got out of the Rolls-Royce was ELLY (35) of “J SOUL BROTHERS 3rd Generation” and influencer Riho Minami (27), whom this magazine had scooped about “living together in a townhouse ” in July last year.

Minami used ELLY’s office’s courtesy car to go out for meals and to the ATM at the bank, so to speak, and was an official friend of the office.

Window shopping on the way home
We were in close contact with them like this from start to finish! (Courtesy of a reader)

The time they were photographed by Friday was right after ELLY announced the dissolution of her de facto marriage to MEGBABY, a businessman and hairdresser. Moreover, we later found evidence that Minami had been “hinting” on SNS and other media that she was dating ELLY before she was photographed by Friday, leading some to ask, “Is it a plunder? Are they dating for the same period of time? ELLY explained her relationship with Minami again on her SNS.

A year has passed since then, but their love is still alive and well.

After entering a shopping district, ELLY and Minami enjoyed shopping among the madams at a supermarket frequented by celebrities.

They never left each other for a moment, holding hands, holding each other’s arms, and keeping close to each other,” she said. ELLY was wearing a cap and a mask, but her stout physique and blond hair gave her away,” said a customer who was there.

After about 30 minutes of shopping, they got into a Rolls-Royce again. The destination was not the townhouse where they had made love, but a low-rise condominium in a quiet residential area.

“I don’t know whose house it is, but it looks like they moved in around last fall, and I saw ELLY’s Rolls-Royce parked in the parking lot a few times. I think they live together.” (Neighborhood resident)

It seems that their love for each other has flared up even more after the blaze.

Even after leaving the shopping district, they stayed link arms!
  • Photographed by Kojiro Yamada

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