Johnny’s is not stopping the exodus of talent as commercials are being suspended one after another. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s is not stopping the exodus of talent as commercials are being suspended one after another.

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Takizawa is the leader of “TOBE. Many talents may continue to gather under him in the future.

TOBE” is an entertainment agency established by Hideaki Takizawa (41), who retired as vice president of Johnny’s. The official Twitter “TOBE OFFICIAL” was updated to announce that a live broadcast will be held on July 14 at 7 p.m. on the official YouTube.

The Twitter feed is marked “#TOBECONTINUED_03” with an image of a pink ball placed on it, which further seems to indicate that a new talent is expected to join. Who is this new talent expected to join? A person involved in entertainment production revealed, “A former Johnny’s Jr.

A former Johnny’s Jr. member of the seven-member group IMPACTors. Takizawa himself produced the group when he was with Johnny’s, but all the members left the group in May. Takizawa’s expectations for the group have not changed. Mr. Takizawa’s expectations for the group remain unchanged, and all the members were eager to join TOBE.

Hirano plans to focus mainly on solo activities from now on. He is one of the signature talents of TOBE.

The momentum of “TOBE” has only increased with the announcement that Ken Miyake (44), formerly of “V6,” joined on the 2nd of this month, and Shiyou Hirano (26) and Yuta Jinguji (25), formerly of “King & Prince,” joined on the 7th. Will there be more new members in the future?

It is said that Yuta Kishi (27), a former member of “King & Prince,” who is scheduled to leave Johnny’s in August, is on track to join TOBE. In addition, it is believed that more talents who left Johnny’s are expected to join the group, so we cannot take our eyes off of them.

Meanwhile, the exodus of talent from Johnny’s continues unabated. The “sexual assault problem” has spread to become a social issue, and there is little hope that the turmoil will ever be resolved. A major advertising agency official tells us what is going on.

Takuya Kimura (50) had been offered the role of the image character in a commercial for a high-end men’s cosmetics by a major cosmetics company, but the company decided to drop the offer after weighing the spread of the sexual assault issue and the unresolved situation. In addition, a commercial for a dressing featuring Shingo Murakami (41) of “Kanjani Eight” also disappeared.

The issue of sexual assault is the most serious charge in Europe and the United States, and foreign sponsor companies quickly blanked out their contracts with Johnny’s. Similarly, sponsors of cosmetics and beverages, whose image is of paramount importance, also take the same stance as foreign companies and have suspended the release of their commercials one after another.

The advertising industry continues to be troubled by the replacement of Japanese celebrities’ commercials with blank ones. An advertising agency official continues, “A former prosecutor general and a psychiatrist are among those who have been suspended.

Although the Johnny’s office has set up a “special team for the prevention of recurrence” with members including a former attorney general and a psychiatrist, there has been no concrete official announcement or opinion yet. Such a move could be seen as negligence, and the public’s reaction to it is only growing.

TOBE” is on the rise, while Johnny’s is showing no signs of resolving its various problems. What will happen to the two companies in the future? ……

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