Mariya Takeuchi Travels Abroad with Office Staff and Tatsuro Yamashita and His Wife Have an Unusual Honeymoon | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mariya Takeuchi Travels Abroad with Office Staff and Tatsuro Yamashita and His Wife Have an Unusual Honeymoon

All the junior members "visited the VIP seats of the couple"!

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Tatsuro Yamashita (70)’s “counterattack” is causing a stir.

It is no secret that Mr. Matsuo confessed that “there was a discovery to Johnny’s” behind the termination of the business partnership between Yamashita’s agency, Smile Company, and music producer Kiyoshi Matsuo (55).

Yamashita stated on “Tatsuro Yamashita’s Rakuten Card Sunday Songbook” (TOKYO FM), for which he serves as a personality, that “If there really was a sexual assault, of course it would be unforgivable,” but that “I, as an individual and a musician, have not forgotten the debt I owe to Johnny’s. I have not forgotten my debt to Johnny’s as an individual and as a musician,” he said. What was supposed to be an explanation for the incident has instead revealed to the world the close relationship between Yamashita and the Johnny’s office.

Tatsuro Yamashita’s wife, Mariya Takeuchi

A reporter for a TV magazine said, “When I heard about Yamashita-san and Johnny’s, the first thing I remembered was ‘RIDE ON TIME.

The theme song is ‘Ride on Time,’ one of Yamashita’s best-known songs, and the name of the program is exactly the same: ‘Ride on Time. The website describes it as “a series of documentaries that broadcasts the backstage of entertainment,” but I’ve only seen the close-up of Johnny’s groups, including the Jr. I have never seen anything like it. I think it is a documentary version of NHK BS Premium’s “The Boys’ Club.”

The project was planned and produced by J Storm, of which Keiko Fujishima Julie (56) is the chairman and representative director. Among the producers is Yumiko Shigeoka, who is on secondment from Fuji Television to Johnny’s office. It is said that Yamashita’s “RIDE ON TIME” is used in the title and theme song of the program, as if it was created for the promotion of Johnny’s.

A reporter for a magazine specializing in idols said, “We didn’t see them much at the COVID-19 crisis, but whenever Johnny’s had a concert at the Tokyo Dome, Yamashita and Mariya Takeuchi (68) were usually in the VIP section.”

The VIP seats in the Tokyo Dome are private rooms, but there was always a security staff member standing in front of their room, so we could not enter by mistake, and we were afraid to walk past them.

“Now we are squeezed into the press box, but with opera glasses we can see the VIP seats clearly. I once caught a glimpse of Mr. Yamashita’s and Mariya’s seats, and I saw a succession of Japanese celebrities coming to greet them. It was a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Yamashita,” they said.

Speaking of Johnny’s and Takeuchi, one is reminded of “THE MUSIC DAY” (NTV), which aired on July 1.

Since the issue of Johnny’s sexual assault came to light, the regular “Johnny’s Shuffle Medley” had been canceled and replaced with a medley that included not only Johnny’s songs but also the theme songs of NTV dramas. In the “song that changed my life,” Kazuya Ohashi (25) of “Naniwa Danshi” chose Takeuchi’s “Cheer up!”

Tatsuro Yamashita is not afraid to say that he has respected Mr. Janney since he was a young man.

Tatsuro Yamashita is not afraid to say that he has admired Mr. Janney since he was a young man: “I wondered if I should care about Mariya. said the aforementioned idol magazine reporter.

Mariya-san used to hold so-called girls’ dinner parties with female staff members from Johnny’s. I heard that they traveled abroad together.I have also heard that they went on an overseas trip together. This time, when Tatsuro mentioned the words ‘karma and gratitude’ to Johnny’s on his radio program, I was reminded of many things.

It seems that there will be more episodes about the honeymoon between Tatsuro Yamashita and Mariya Takeuchi and the Johnny’s office.

Tatsuro Yamashita
Tatsuro Yamashita singing enthusiastically
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