The First Pitch Was Greeted with Loud Cheers! Mayu Hotta of Progress Is “Not Dreaming of Being a Heroine of Morning Drama!” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The First Pitch Was Greeted with Loud Cheers! Mayu Hotta of Progress Is “Not Dreaming of Being a Heroine of Morning Drama!”

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On June 30, actress Mayu Hotta (25), the fourth generation image character of Seibu Railway, threw out the first pitch at the Seibu vs. Softbank game held at Belluna Dome. She excited the stands with her powerful pitching.

She was wearing a uniform and Lions blue pants.

Hotta made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2003 in the WOWOW drama series “Themisu no chugaku”. This year, she showed her wide range of acting skills by playing the difficult role of Tokugawa Iemitsu in the NHK drama “O-oku” (The Inner Palace) and the role of the desk clerk in the instructor’s office in “Kazama Kimichika: Kyobo 0” (Fuji TV), where she was the “only healing character” in the drama “CODE. Two movies are scheduled to be released in September: “Bakanuri no Musume” (Daughter of Bakanuri), in which she stars, and “Forbidden Play,” in which she plays a main role.

Although Hotta is on the fast track to becoming a major actress, her life in show business up to this point has not been a smooth sailing.

Before her debut, Hotta auditioned for the role of Ryoko Fujino, the main character in Izuru Narushima’s “Solomon’s Perjury” (’15), and was one of the five finalists, but was not selected. The morning drama in which she played the heroine’s younger sister She also auditioned for the role of Ryoko Fujino in “Warotenka” and was selected as one of the finalists, but she had to withdraw from the audition due to work commitments. She continued to work hard with her regrets in mind, and this is probably what led to her current success.

Hotta says, “I was overwhelmed by the size of the stadium”

Hotta is eager to play the heroine in a morning drama someday.

Among young actresses, Hotta is especially highly regarded by NHK. Unfortunately, she had to turn down the final selection for the TV series “Warotenka,” but she was approached to play the heroine’s younger sister. She also appeared in “Yale” as a “bad girl” dancer who plays tricks on the heroine. In the historical drama “Kamakuradono no 13-nin,” she played the wife of Hojo Yoshitoki, played by Oguri Shun (40), and in “Ooku,” she was chosen for the major role of Iemitsu.

Her somewhat old-fashioned looks and proven ability are recognized within the station, and it is not unlikely that she will receive an offer to play the heroine in a morning drama in the near future.

Will she be able to win her long-cherished dream of becoming the heroine of a morning drama?

Before her appearance, she showed a charming smile despite her nervousness.
Hotta’s appearance was greeted with loud cheers from the audience.
Pitching with an overthrow form.
A beautiful take-back!
Returning the glove to the mascot
Receiving the ball from Shinya Hasegawa, a young hope.
  • PHOTO Kazuhiko Nakamura Kumataro Arai (2 from bottom)

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