Yukina Kinoshita Blames Her Own Anti-protesters for the Timing of Ryuchell’s Death, Calling Them “Shitty People” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita Blames Her Own Anti-protesters for the Timing of Ryuchell’s Death, Calling Them “Shitty People”

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Yukina Kinoshita took to her Instagram to voice her condemnation of her antagonist, just as the news that ryuchell had taken his own life broke out.

On July 12, TV personality Yukina Kinoshita posted her thoughts on slander on her Instagram Stories.

She wrote, “I have been exposed to the media’s incitement and that person who makes comments as if they have the right, even though they don’t know anything about it. I have been slandered so many times that I really understand how they feel.

She continued

I saw all the slander on my Instagram, which had 5,350,000 users, during my hiatus until I retired. I thought many times that it would be better to disappear, but then I thought about how my daughters would feel when they saw their mom not waking up in the morning, and I just couldn’t do it. I mean, don’t make that kind of choice for those assholes. I just don’t want to make such a choice for them.

The expression “such a choice” seems to have been made in response to the news of ryuchell’s death.

In this trouble, the tapioca store side sued for damages, and the Tokyo District Court ordered Kinoshita to pay 400,000 yen. The court found that Kinoshita had threatened the public by saying “the whole office” and so on.

(A source from a wide-show news outlet) From Kinoshita’s point of view, it is likely that she was so frustrated by ryuchell’s death that she wrote about her heart’s cry. Perhaps she wanted the world to know that slander IS hell.

However, the reason why ryuchell took her life is not known, as it is not known whether she left a suicide note or not.

The day before she died, she appeared on TBS radio’s “Barbie to Oshinri Kenkyujo” (Barbie and Oshinri Laboratory). There,

I think it was last year. I was going through a very tough time. I was depressed and wondered if I would be able to continue my career in the entertainment industry. For the first time in my life. I had been doing my best to stay strong, but I got depressed and started crying even though there was nothing going on.

Last year was also the year of her divorce from her ex PECO, and only she would know what kind of things were troubling ryuchell.

Kinoshita’s Instagram followers are currently over 490,000, less than one tenth of her peak. Hopefully the number of anti-followers has also decreased.

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