<Tomomi Kahara’s meaningful comments to Tetsuya Komuro? The magazine has seen the photo of their love affair and its aftermath. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

<Tomomi Kahara’s meaningful comments to Tetsuya Komuro? The magazine has seen the photo of their love affair and its aftermath.

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Hanahara’s New York date with Komuro before her debut (July 28, ’95 issue)

Tomomi Kahara (48) has been making a lot of noise for quite some time.

On July 3, she updated her blog and made a “meaningful” statement as if she were considering legal action against Tetsuya Komuro (64), the creator and “lover” of singer Tomomi Kahara.

In a post titled “How I feel now, how I will feel in the future. In a post titled “How I feel now and how I feel from now on,

What I lacked was the ability to see through people. It is the ability to see through people.

I am a woman who has been able to see through people,

I am truly grateful for the love I experienced in my 20s. You wrote so many great songs for me.

he said, referring to his romantic partners in his twenties, who reminded him of Komuro.

But there are only two things I can’t forgive. I can’t solve them on my own, so I’m working with my two legal advisors to find a way to resolve them.

The report was full of meaning. SNS immediately reacted to this.

I think she was able to sell because of the name TK, and it’s too late now because of a love affair that happened more than 20 years ago…”

I loved both your songs and Tomo’s, so it’s a shame…” “It’s like it’s started again.

It’s like it’s started again.”

Few comments in support of Hanahara were seen. However, an acquaintance of Hanahara’s who knew her at the time said, “I don’t know how she still feels about Komuro-san,

It’s not surprising that she still has some feelings for Komuro-san. Their relationship was that strong, and the way they parted was quite painful for her. There is no doubt that she has gone in a strange direction since then.

I feel sorry for her,” he said. FRIDAY had been paying attention to Hanahara since she was “Arisa Tohmine,” her former stage name. Let’s take a look back at their past love scoops, the lovey-dovey date in New York right after Komuro denied their love affair, and other images of their past love affair.

Komuro rented an apartment for Hanahara and went there at night… What was his excuse for denying their love affair?

It was June 1995 when this magazine reported their love affair. At the time, Komuro dominated the music industry as the producer of “H Jungle with t” and “trf. He was based in a luxurious studio and work space that occupied the entire top floor of an ultra-luxury condominium in Minato-ku, Tokyo. A 20-year-old woman who frequented the studio was Tomomi Kahara, who until recently had been active as the gravure idol Arisa Tohmine.

Hanahara lived in an apartment a few minutes’ walk from Komuro’s rented work place, and Komuro, who finished work late at night, went there five times a week. Komuro responded to this magazine’s interview in a luxury studio as follows.

I do have romantic feelings (for her) (emphatically). However, the two of us are in the early stages of the process, so the ratio of work will increase from now on, and we have just begun, so I don’t know what the future holds.”

-The extremely busy Mr. Komuro spends dozens of hours in her room, doesn’t he?

There are people at work, and I get phone calls. I can’t concentrate, so I go over there and write in another room (in the same apartment).

-But you never go to the apartment when she is not there, do you?

That’s true [Assari affirmed].”

The following month, the two were spotted on a date in New York, USA. As you know, Hanahara has been active since her debut as a singer in September of that year.

However, their honeymoon would fall apart two years later.

At the launch party on New Year’s Eve in ’96, Komuro and KEIKO of “globe” suddenly approached each other, and the following year, Hanahara had an affair with two young men to return the favor. Shortly after, she was found to have an affair with Asami of “dos,” a company produced by Komuro. From that time on, her drinking increased and her behavior, which is said to be eccentric, became conspicuous. Eventually, the two broke up in January 1998. They eventually broke up in January of 1998.

More than 20 years have passed since the uproar, and for fans, it is now a distant memory, but for Hanahara, it seems that time has not solved the problem.

First scoop photo of Hanahara and Komuro (June 23, ’95 issue)
The two during their honeymoon in 1996
Hanahara at the time when her relationship with Komuro began to sour (April 4, 1997 issue)
The press conference for the release of her new song, which was a revival effort, was held at a horse riding club, but people talked about “Hanahara’s strange behavior. It was later discovered that she had whiplash… (February 19, 1999 issue)
Tomomi Kahara “got into a big fight with Chisako Takashima over her abusive son” (September 25, 2008 issue).
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