Don’t you want to know about me and Hirosue?” Shusaku Toba’s boastful story baffled his acquaintances. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Don’t you want to know about me and Hirosue?” Shusaku Toba’s boastful story baffled his acquaintances.

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Do they really intend to keep their “pure love” together?

A month has passed since the W affair between Ryoko Hirosue (42) and Chef Shusaku Toba (45), but the turmoil seems to be prolonging rather than subsiding. One of the reasons for this is that Hirosue has yet to explain herself in public.

Even if Ms. Hirosue wanted to speak, her agency, Frahm, has firmly told her not to move. Perhaps because of this resistance, immediately after her husband Candle Jun held a press conference, Ms. Hirosue herself sent a “direct message” to “Shukan Bunshun,” expressing her dissatisfaction with the agency’s response.

Immediately after that, Mr. Toba gave an interview to Bunshun and publicly declared, “I am serious about Hirosue-san,” which made it even more difficult for him to come out. As for Mr. Toba, it is impossible to predict what kind of bombshell statements will come out of him in the future, so the office has no choice but to remain quiet. (Sports newspaper reporter)

Since July 1, Toba’s comments, as reported by “Toso Web,” have been making the rounds on the Web one after another.

He said, “Well, it’s just a story about a guy who was dumped and is talking about it in a pussy way, isn’t it? If that’s the case, you’re the one who should do the right thing.

There must be at least 10 acts of infidelity, as far as I know. Seriously, guys like that should be killed off, really. I’m still more pure in my love and sane.

Since I know he has a history like that, it’s insane to meet him without a lawyer.

I might get stabbed, too.

He was reportedly referring to reports of Jung’s adultery and assault against staff members, and he was very blunt with the Tōspō reporter. An acquaintance of Mr. Toba who knows the situation said, “In the first place, Mr. Toba wrote his own interview article,

Toba was very dissatisfied with Bunshun, which had published an interview with him,” said an acquaintance of Toba. He said, ‘The media can’t be trusted because they don’t accurately report what I said. That’s why the media can’t be trusted. At that time, he found a reporter from TSPO who came to the restaurant, so he told the reporter, ‘Please write the truth properly,’ and then told him what he said.

He then told her that he had told the reporter the truth. These statements alone are quite offensive, and if Mr. Jun were to sue for defamation, they are by no means legally correct enough to warrant a civil claim for damages,

‘What he is telling his acquaintances and others around him is nothing like that. Basically, he claims that he is not at fault at all because his love is pure, and that it is not Mr. Jun who is at fault but the media who reported the “adultery. Toba’s wife has become ill as a result of this report, and he is angry at her, saying that it is the media’s fault that she is ill.

He then goes on to say, “You must be jealous of the relationship between me and Hirosue,” and “Don’t you want to know more about me and Hirosue? He would start talking smiling and boasting about it. If the contents of these statements were to come out, Hirosue would really not be able to come back to TV. What in the world is pure love? People around her are wondering, “What in the world is pure love?

(A former acquaintance). Another acquaintance also commented as follows.

He is indeed a very emotional person, but he is also a very smart person. He is very considerate to the staff and patrons of the restaurant. He has a good reputation. So, I think that the “pure love” thing he says is just a way to convince himself that he is not a bad person. If you say you are going to get married, even if you are having an affair, it becomes pure love. Therefore, I don’t have to apologize.

Mr. Hirosue’s life as an actor and his family have been severely damaged by this incident. Mr. Toba’s wife is in poor health. But I don’t think he’s screwed up, because his most important restaurant is safe and sound, so it doesn’t hurt or itch. That said, I don’t think attacking Mr. Jun like that does him any good…. I have no idea how much of it is emotional and how much of it is calculating.”

Acquaintances and employees of the restaurant are hoping that the situation will be resolved, but Mr. Toba is reportedly telling those around him that he has “a lot of things to say. It seems that Hirosue has also gotten her hands on an incredible “jumping-off point”.

  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi (Ryoko Hirosue), Afro (Mr. Shusaku Toba)

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